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robert goddard latest book 2017

Robert Goddard's Latest Book - The Wide World Trilogy

High on a Cornish cliff sits a vast uninhabited mansion. Uninhabited except for Blake, a young woman of mysterious background, currently acting as housesitter. The house has a panic room. Cunningly concealed, steel lined, impregnable — and apparently closed from within. For years Robert Goddard has been my go-to guy for a certain kind of storytelling, full of easy charm blended with sinister menace, and propulsive pace with twisty plotting".
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Neville Goddard: How to Operate The Law [Book Excerpt]

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Interview: Robert Goddard

Set in Paris at the end of The Great War, The Ways of the World opens with the mysterious death of a senior British diplomat that is passed off as a bizarre accident by the local authorities. Convinced otherwise, one man attempts to uncover the truth and throws himself headfirst into the dark heart of a seemingly impenetrable mystery. The Ways of the World will be out in paperback on the 8th May, swiftly followed by the second book in the series The Corners of the Globe , published on 3rd July Spring, His mission: to recover a document secreted aboard one of the German battleships.

Born in Fareham, Hampshire in the United kingdom in the year , Robert Goddard is an accomplished full time English novelist, with a writing career spanning more than 20 years. Robert Goddard writing has been classified under various categories from thriller to mystery and crime as well as historical romance. As a matter of fact, Robert is considered the master of some very compelling and engrossing plot twisted stories and also as one of the most renowned advocates for the traditional virtues of pace, narrative drive and plot. However, before Robert become a full time novelist, he had unsuccessful attempts at Journalism and in teaching, as a matter of fact he even worked as an educational administrator in Devon, before finally settling as a full time author and of course as a novelist. Currently, Goddard is married to Vaunda where he has not only identified Vaunda as a joint holder of the copyright to his work, but they also live together in Truro at Cornwall. From a collection of more than 20 mystery thrillers, that will indeed enthrall and satisfy you as a lover of such genre, to unprincipled chicanery and unforgiven betrayals as well as unforgotten jealousy, are just but part of the infinite capacity of imagination and intrigues that Robert Goddard books will present to you. Basically, Robert novels and especially his thrillers do have a historical settings and elements staged in some provincial English towns and cities bringing in a number of plots twists.

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GENIUS of ROCKETRY: Dr. Robert Goddard () 2017

After unsuccessful attempts at careers in both journalism and teaching, he worked for a time as an educational administrator in Devon before becoming a full-time novelist. His thrillers usually have a historical element and settings in provincial English towns and cities, and many plot twists. They usually involve the lead character gradually uncovering a conspiracy which has long been kept secret, by means of historical documents such as diaries or by means of word-of-mouth accounts that have been handed down from one person to another. Goddard's first novel, Past Caring , was published in In , Goddard was awarded the Cartier Diamond Dagger by the Crime Writers' Association for his outstanding lifetime's contribution to the crime fiction genre.

Prolific bestselling author Robert Goddard was born in Hampshire, but he has set his crime novels across the UK and around the world. Time is no barrier either with a trilogy set in the immediate aftermath of World War I. His latest book, Panic Room, is his 27th, a contemporary thriller based in Cornwall. It promises his trademark twisty and tightly constructed plots, which are methodically planned. What are crime fiction lovers going to love about Panic Room? As you should be. Very alarmed.

How Joe Roberts does what he does is a mystery. He has a brain that seems able to outperform a computer. To a games company like Venstrom that promises big profits if his abilities can be properly exploited. So they send Nicole Nevinson to track him down and make him an offer too good to refuse. And then there are other forces, with still darker intentions, who have their own plans for him.

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