Problems and solutions in inorganic chemistry v joshi pdf

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problems and solutions in inorganic chemistry v joshi pdf

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IIT JEE inorganic chemistry Balaji publications mains and advanced inorganic

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The reaction between a naphthylbipyrrole-containing hexaphyrin-type expanded porphyrin and copper acetate affords a bench-stable dicopper II complex. UV—vis spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry, and X-ray crystallographic analysis measurements provide support for the conclusion that this complex displays aromatic features. A novel selenium-containing pyridazinyl-based soft scorpionate ligand KTnse was synthesized. It reacts with CoCl2 and NiCl2, yielding the first metallaboratrane complexes with selenium in their donor positions. Further substitution with Ag OTf or NaN3 allows isolation of the respective triflate or azide complexes.

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No I didnt and neither would I recommend because it has a lot of theory and it is likely that you will miss the important points while trying to remember the trivial ones. However you can practise questions from it especially of qualitative analysis paragraph type. Yes you can go for it. Are these the only not actually books you studied for jee advanced? I am grateful for this blog to distribute knowledge about this significant topic.

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  1. I just stopped in the last article of the IIT Trilogy for a particular reason — Chemistry needed a bit more of analysis.

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