Wake up and live book by dorothea brande

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wake up and live book by dorothea brande

Wake Up and Live - Introduction by Dorothea Brande

Wake Up and Live! First published in , Wake Up and Live! After evaluating her life, Dorothea Brand realizes that, like so many others, she is not living up to her true potential. She comes across a formula for success — act as if it were impossible to fail — which transforms her life. Although the book was published over eight decades ago, it is still relevant today. I am sure that you will get something out of Wake Up and Live when you read it. Below are my thoughts about the book.
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Wake Up and Live by Dorothea Brande

Wake Up and Live – Introduction by Dorothea Brande – 03

It was so simple, and so obvious once I had seen it, that I could hardly believe it was responsible for the magical results which followed my putting it into practice. The first thing to confess is that two years ago I was a failure. Oh, nobody knew it except me and those who knew me well enough to see that I was not doing a tenth of what could be expected of me. I held an interesting position, lived not too dull a life — yet there was no doubt in my own mind, at least, that I had failed. What I was doing was a substitute activity for what I had planned to do; and no matter how ingenious and neat the theories were which I presented to myself to account for my lack of success, I knew very well that there was more work that I should be doing, and better work, and work more demonstrably my own.

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Wake Up and Live – Introduction by Dorothea Brande

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