Advanced dungeons and dragons coloring book

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Characters Coloring Book () (Part One) | 2 Warps to Neptune

The upper two thirds of each page tell part of a linear story corresponding with the pictures to be colored. The bottom third of each page contains part of the mini-game. The center of the book portrays a dungeon map with numbered rooms. The reader simply proceeds through the maze, turning to entries corresponding with numbered rooms and resolving the encounters that take place in them. After each encounter, dice are rolled to see if the treasure that signals victory has been found. I believe that the information on this page is complete.
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AD&D Coloring Book (From 1979) -- Only $1000

Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for The Man himself wrote the text, and legendary illustrator Greg Irons did the phenomenal artwork. Greg had a brief but storied career, doing rock posters for Bill Graham at the Fillmore and working on the animated Beatles film "Yellow Submarine" before doing this book! Sadly, Greg's career was cut short when he was hit by a bus while vacationing in Thailand in As Gary Gygax wrote the text, he also made it possible to use this book as a template for an adventure! There's even a map in the middle of the book!

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Isn't it nice when someone makes something much nicer than required? From the Wikipedia entry on Greg Irons :.

I was gonna say, can you confirm this is the same Greg Irons? It would certainly seem to be. And tragic he died so young. I can confirm this being the same Greg Irons based on his signature in the first drawing of his in your post, compare it to the one on the Dungeons and Dragons coloring book cover, in the lower right, identical. I still have mine and am still coloring it. Thanks so much for these.

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