Quotes from the book april raintree

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quotes from the book april raintree

April Raintree Quotes

Dublin Ireland. This book is in a Controlled Release! A collection of 11 original and compelling essays about Native Americans. Came in a box of books from lovemylife. Thanks for the Great box. From the back cover
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In Search of Cheryl Raintree

I would have been brought up with flies, with mice, and rats and lice and germs. I would have been brought up by alcoholic parents, and what would I be like now? Would I have any ambitions? Or would I just live for today, glad when each day would end? This passage sums up what April thinks of her parents and her people.

Especially important are familial bonds, such as sisterhood, in the world of foster homes and residential schools that try to isolate Native family members from their own cultures and each other. Thus, when Cheryl dies and April discovers her letters and son, their bond strengthens, and April becomes ready to accept her Metis heritage. Throughout her life, April deals with racism on a multitude of levels that can be primarily classified into two intertwining categories: personal and institutional. The violence and abuse, both childhood and sexual, that April faces from the DeRosiers and her rapists, respectively, are examples of personal racism. The foster care process works to distance April from her Metis traditions as well as her family. April also experiences racism in the form of physical and verbal abuse and her rapists, in the added form of sexual violence.

Table of Contents

Two sisters, April and Cheryl Raintree 4. Some depictions of racism and victimization 5. I will discuss how the main characters deal with the experience of victimization, how they come to terms with it, or not as in the case of Cheryl, and finally how they grow beyond it. In the main section, I will show and discuss with certain examples, how April and Cheryl are confronted with racism. In detail, I also will point out how April and Cheryl, as an individum, come in terms with the experience of the brutal victimization. At the end I will show my own opinion within the conclusion, about the book, the author and the topic of this essay.

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  1. The book In Search of April Raintree, by Beatrice Culleton Mosionier, is about the trials and tribulations of two sisters growing up in the foster system.

  2. Due to their parents' alcohol abuse, Cheryl and April Raintree, two Metis sisters She survives, but Cheryl does not, and the book ends with April's and with April being Metis, it could go either way. quotes: “I can't accept.

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