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It is the more romantic of the two principal Spanish-language literary interpretations of the legend of Don Juan. In the first part of the drama, the protagonist is still the demonic rake described by de Molina he is called a demon and even Satan himself on more than one occasion. The story begins with Don Juan meeting Don Luis in a crowded wine shop in Seville so that the two can find out which of them has won the bet that they made one year ago: each expected himself to be able to conquer more women and kill more men than the other. Naturally, Don Juan wins on both counts. People in the crowd ask him if he isn't afraid that someday there will be consequences for his actions, but Don Juan replies that he only thinks about the present. Don Luis, his pride hurt, admits that Don Juan has slept with every woman on the social ladder from princess to pauper, but is lacking one conquest: a novice about to take her holy vows. Don Juan agrees to the new bet and doubles it by saying that he will seduce a novice and an engaged woman, boasting that he only needs six days to complete the task with don Luis's fiancee as one of the intended conquests.
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Don Juan Tenorio part 2 de 9

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Don Juan Tenorio

Translated by: N. This work may be freely reproduced, stored, and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. Permission to perform this version of the play, on stage or film, by amateur or professional companies, and for commercial purposes, should be requested from the translators. A door at the back leads out to the street: tables, jugs and other utensils appropriate for such a place. Don Juan, con antifaz, sentado a una mesa escribiendo. Buttarelli y Ciutti, a un lado esperando.

Celestina: Mal sosegadilla deues tener la punta de la barriga. Celestina: E avn peor: que la otra muerde sin hinchar e la tuya hincha por nueue meses. We do not know that the comedia was never meant to be performed; this structuralthematic use of act openings can be interpreted as an authorial awareness of their importance for an audience, as opposed to a body of readers. The play closes almost immediately with Parrado's comment on the excellence of the dramatic invention, and a farewell to the audience. Just as Lucifer enjoyed preeminence among the angels, as one of the guardian cherubs of God, so Don Juan Tenorio enjoys special royal favor as the son of the King's chamberlain. Arrogant pride is at the root of each one's fate.

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