Administration of criminal justice act 2015 pdf download

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administration of criminal justice act 2015 pdf download

Administration of Justice Criminal Act - Federal Ministry of Justice

The Administration of Criminal Justice Act, ACJA is unmistakably the hottest Law in Nigeria presently and it is without doubt due to its wide applicability and revolutionary nature. The Law comes in handy for both lawyers and non-lawyers. The Act which was signed into law in May , has a section law divided into 49 parts, providing for the administration of criminal justice and for related matters in the courts of the Federal Capital Territory and other Federal Courts in Nigeria. With the ACJA, Nigeria now has a unique and unified law applicable in all federal courts and with respect to offences contained in Federal Legislations. The ACJA, by merging the major provisions of the two principal criminal justice legislations in Nigeria, that is CPA and CPC, preserves the existing criminal procedures while introducing new provisions that will enhance the efficiency of the justice system and help fill the gaps observed in these laws over the course of several decades. Section 1 of the ACJA is overtly apt in explaining the purpose of the Act thus: The purpose of this Act is to ensure that the system of administration of criminal justice in Nigeria promotes efficient management of criminal justice institutions, speedy dispensation of justice, protection of the society from crime and protection of the rights and interests of the suspect, the defendant, and the victim.
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Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015

Administration of justice

PDF version. Copies of these and other documents may be downloaded from www. The principal statutes for criminal appeals as amended in most cases by section 40 of, and Schedule 9 to, the Act are:. Every applicant for permission to appeal must comply with the statutory requirements before the application can be considered by the Court. The Human Rights Act applies to the Court in its judicial capacity.

A N ACT to provide for the right to administrative action and decisions that are lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair; to provide for the entitlement to written reasons for administrative action or decisions; to provide for relief by a competent court against administrative action or decisions contrary to the provisions of this Act; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing. For the purposes of determining whether or not an administrative authority has failed to comply with section. Without limitation to its discretion, the High Court may decline to entertain an application made under section four, if the applicant is entitled to seek relief under any other law, whether by way of appeal or review or otherwise, and the High Court considers that any such remedy should first be exhausted. In any proceedings brought under this Act the Prosecutor-General shall be entitled to be heard by the court and, whether or not he has exercised such right, the Prosecutor-General shall have the same right of appeal relating to such proceedings as if he or she had been a party to the proceedings. Any exercise or performance of the executive powers or functions of the President or Cabinet. Skip to main content.

Part of the problems that resulted in the introduction of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act ACJA was the protracted nature of many cases in court. Following the core objective of the ACJA, therefore, section of the Act was introduced to curtail the rate at which interlocutory applications led to the suspension of a substantive matters still pending in court. Interlocutory application refers to a request for an order of court regarding a matter of immediate importance during the prosecution of another matter, yet to be decided upon by the court. Another section that aided the prevention of unnecessary delay of trials in federal courts is section of the ACJA. According to section 2 of the Act, objections raised regarding the validity of a charge by a defendant shall be considered along with the substantive matter and a ruling delivered on such objection s at the time when judgement is delivered in the substantive suit. These two sections were largely considered a welcome development in the struggle to eliminate undue delay of cases as lawyers could no longer hide behind the questionability of a charge or a pending case at a higher court to suspend their trials.

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The administration of justice is the process by which the legal system of a government is executed. The presumed goal of such administration is to provide justice for all those accessing the legal system. The phrase is also used commonly to describe a University degree as in: a BA in Administration of Justice , which can be a prerequisite for a job in law enforcement or government. Counsel for the appellant said that Whicker v Hume [2] decided that section 24 referred not to laws generally, but only to laws as to modes of procedure, and that the Nullum Tempus Act did not deal merely with procedure. The Lord Chancellor said that the Act 9 Geo 4 c 83 prima facie "applied the Nullum Tempus Act to the Colony in question as much as if it had re-enacted it for that Colony. At least that is the only intelligible mode in which the argument can be supported, because the words which do occur in the section - "in the administration of justice" - would certainly include a limitation of the time within which actions can be brought, and their Lordships are of the opinion that the language of the section cannot be limited so as to exclude the statute, which for the reasons pointed out by the learned judges were and are so important in the administration of justice in the Colony.



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