Are you addicted novel chai jidan

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are you addicted novel chai jidan

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This is the original novel on which the Chinese web drama series " Addicted " also called "Heroin" was based. Everyone is welcome to add or make changes to any part of this wikia. Just hit the Edit button, type away, and then save. Thank you for your help. Are you waiting desperately for the second season of Addicted Web Series? Are you not afraid of spoilers because the only way to quench the thirst or, if you're a more serious case, to satisfy the addiction somewhat is to find out what happens next in this addictive story? The pace of translating the long online novel from Chinese into English so far has been painfully slow.
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[BL] Addicted (Heroin) - bai luo yin x gu hai

你丫上瘾了? [Ni Ya Shangyin Le?]

Sign in. Watch now. A beautiful Asian girl dies and misses her boyfriend. She tries to get him back in under 7days in a boy's body. Later to find out, her boyfriend's true love is not her.

Also known as: Addicted Author: Chai Jidan Language: Chinese Synopsis: Some people are like a drug, once you get a taste of it, you are forever addicted. Read online. Keep reading. Hope everyone had a good weekend, yes even the ones 12 hours or more ahead of us ;. The app for Wordpress is available on both iOS and Android.

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Possibly to spy on her followers and the like, send clandestine messages to certain people to help my rise for dominion over the BL world! Much love to the entire Addicted fan community. We have not finished reading the novel. By the time Gu Wei Ting lay down, Gu Hai was already sleeping soundly and the lights in the room have long been turned off. He stared at the darkness for a couple of minutes before his hand started creeping towards the switch.

By Guest skeletonworks, January 6, in Mainland China. Please follow the general Soompi rules. Thanks Ana Lin a youtuber who shared the synopsis. I'm rephrasing it. Forgive me if it's corny. A love story between two young men, from foes to a bickering couple, withstanding 8 years of separation, suffering and surviving hardships together.

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