Ode to joy chinese novel english translation

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ode to joy chinese novel english translation

Ode to Joy | The China Story

A former Wall Street executive who returns to China in search of her lost brother. Despite her beauty and intelligence, Andi has social phobias and no experience with relationships. A girl from a small city who comes to Shanghai to pursue her dreams. She is simple but often acts recklessly, especially when it comes to dating. A stereotypical good girl who was born to an academic family and is always obedient to her parents. Guan is quiet, restrained, and sensible. Online, the show generated an astounding 10 billion views by the end of the first season.
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Ode To Joy Chinese Novel English Translation

The pseudonymous Chinese writer A'nai, famous for penning the local TV drama Ode to Joy , chooses to remain in the dark. Some rumors suggest that she is a successful businesswoman living in Ningbo, a city in east China's Zhejiang Province, who writes only as a hobby, Yangtse Evening Post reports. From the clothes and make-up to the actors and actresses, discussions about Ode to Joy are ubiquitous on social media. Fans regularly queue up to visit the real-life coffee shop which is frequented by female characters in the drama. A book called The Logic of Collective Action , which was mentioned by the heroine in the show, was sold out within a week.

It is based on the same title novel by A Nai. The first season of the drama aired from 18 April to 10 May The second season of the drama aired from 11 May to 10 June The series is about five modern women who live on the 22nd floor of an apartment complex called "Ode to Joy" in Shanghai. Each with their unique personality and lifestyle, the five women have different backgrounds, including their age, social status, personality and careers.

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The message is: if you want to marry, do not be too educated or you will not be attractive to men. Ode to Joy stars five unmarried, educated protagonists, aged from their early twenties to mid-thirties. This is a novel concept for Chinese TV. Ode to Joy broaches the taboo of young women remaining single in a blatant attempt to fan outrage on social media in between episodes. Each episode, in turn, is packed with enough product placement to drown out any pretense of meaningful social commentary. Products are the real stars of Ode to Joy : they stand for wealth, and, for those that can afford them, greater agency in love and marriage.

Watch ' Ode to Joy ' with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Can five single, independent career women who live in the Ode to Joy apartment building find fulfillment on their own terms? An Di Liu Tao is a successful business woman who has returned to China after studying in New York to find her younger brother. Qiu Ying Ying Yang Zi is a year-old small-town girl who is trying to make it in the big city. Guan Ju Er Bridgette Qiao Xin is a year-old from a highly educated family, but she must discover what she wants out of life when she enters the workforce for the first time.

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