How many stephen king books are movies

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how many stephen king books are movies

List of adaptations of works by Stephen King - Wikipedia

Thu 22 Aug Cujo arguably has more thrills. Apt Pupil certainly has more chills. But with his sole directorial effort, Stephen King — that great chronicler of retro Americana — somehow made the perfect drive-in movie: a silly, slapdash nightmare of murderous vehicles and appliances attacking hysterical patrons including a bewildered Emilio Estevez at a truck stop. King gets arguably his prettiest screen surrogate in this slick, twisty thriller about a blocked writer Johnny Depp whose favoured lakeside retreat is interrupted by a vengeful rival John Turturro in a distinctive hat.
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Top 10 Biggest Differences Between Stephen King Books and Movies

Sign in. Since with the release of Carrie, Stephen King has made an impact in both the literary world, and the cinematic world.

Stephen King-Inspired Movies and Shows to Watch With Hulu’s ‘Castle Rock’

Everybody's heard of him, and everybody's been scared by him at some point, he's the master of the macabre who's had a bigger impact on the horror genre than any writer of his generation. And with Stephen King adaptations coming thick and fast he's never been more popular. One of the most prolific writers of the past 40 years, King has written more than 50 novels, many of which have been adapted for the big screen — for better and for worse. Instead, buoyed by the always watchable John Cusack, it's a gripping and effective ghost story. Samuel L Jackson is surprisingly restrained as the haunted hotel's manager, and though the story isn't particularly original, it maintains an atmosphere of dread throughout. Focussing on psychological tension rather than gore, it's a genuinely creepy, old-fashioned horror flick.

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Stephen King was born on September 21, , in Portland, Maine. He graduated from the University of Maine and later worked as a teacher while establishing himself as a writer. Over the years, King has become known for titles that are both commercially successful and sometimes critically acclaimed. His books have sold more than million copies worldwide and been adapted into numerous successful films. King is recognized as one of the most famous and successful horror writers of all time.

Stephen King is one of the most prolific authors in recent history. Hollywood latched on to King early. Carrie was turned into a movie in , just two years after the book was first released. Since then, dozens of his novels have been adapted for the big screen. In fact, King has had more of his works turned into movies than any other living author. Counting the number of Stephen King books that have been turned into movies is a little trickier than it might seem. Even if you leave out TV adaptations and just focus on theatrical releases, the number of Stephen King movies is huge.

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  1. This is a list of media based on work by Stephen King Note that aside from Creepshow 2, It Chapter Two, and Doctor Sleep, the sequels are only tangentially related to Stephen King's work. Contents. 1 Films; 2 Television; 3 Derivative works; 4 Comic books; 5 Stage; 6 Music .. There have also been dramatizations of many of King's short stories.

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