How to write a press release for a book launch

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how to write a press release for a book launch

How to Write an Effective Press Release | DeeScribewriting Blog

However, the real marketing magic comes when you know how to do the above well. When you get that, a press release for your book can be a game changer for your sales and authority — not just a pride metric like many use it for. But in the wrong hands or done without taste can easily be spammy and crummy. So, please use this knowledge for good and apply some of my Kindlepreneur principles as you step through this. Back in the day when the news was only printed in newspapers, editors and writers had a certain amount of space they could fit a story.
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Writing Lessons : How to Write a Proper Press Release

Those that say the press release is dead clearly are doing it wrong. So here's how to do it right. Newsworthy. No the launch of your book alone is not news in the.

Quick Tip: Don’t Blow Your Book Launch Press Release

Book Launch Press Release Format. Name of the authors embarked a journey one line introduction about the startup of the book. One sole mission a goal of their work. They have written briefing of any blog or paperwork related to the book. Joined by role of the entrepreneurs in the stories. The launch about the date, venue and time of the launch, mention the name if some specific person launched it.

When launching a new book, authors can use a press release as an integral part of that launch. A press release for a book will be slightly different from other forms of press releases, because it needs to contain key pieces of information to help spread the word about the book, and hopefully boost sales right out of the starting gate. A press release is a document produced for the media by a business or individual in order to communicate new, official information which the media will hopefully then report to a wider audience. The most effective way to issue a press release is online using a distribution service in order to get it in front of as many media representatives as possible. It should grab the attention of your reader and briefly summarize what type of book it is, fiction or non-fiction, and the genre, romance or mystery, for example, or a cookbook full of local Cajun recipes. This should be the location where the author is, and the day you have created the press release.

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If there's one public relations tool that authors and just about everyone else for that matter gets wrong, it's the press release. I see ignorant bloggers claiming "the press release is dead" all the time. They're usually the ones who have used them wrong for years. In some circles they've become synonymous with "spam. But thankfully the press release isn't dead.

One over-looked yet effective tool in generating publicity is the humble press release. Those that say the press release is dead clearly are doing it wrong. No the launch of your book alone is not news in the eyes of the media, so make it newsworthy. Identify a time or trend that your book can feed in to. Is it part of a vampire-loving trend among teens? Does it feed in to the current commemorative spirit?

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