How to make a good comic book cover

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how to make a good comic book cover

How to Design a Comic Book Cover? | WOW-HOW Studio

Their format allows artists and writers a great deal of freedom and some really great opportunities for collaboration. Making a comic book is a process composed of many steps. In the mainstream comic book industry, even producing one issue takes an army of specialized workers from its conception to its printing. Switching from short-form media like webcomics to a long-form project is in tall order. One of the best ways to learn how to make comics is to read books from experts. Draw on the experiences of those who have studied and succeeded in making a comic book.
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Worst Comic Book Covers Ever

Comic book covers are the first thing that catch the eyes of a reader or potential buyer.

See More by RomanJones. Featured in collections. Guides and Tutorials by ebbewaxin. Comic tutorials by jayenbee. Featured in groups See All. Comic Book Cover Making Tips. I've been designing covers for SE's volumes, so I decided to talk about my research discoveries with everyone.

Commercial issue The main goal of the cover is to make a particular comic book marketable and demandable among the readers.
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How To Make A Comic Book

We all have our own tastes when it comes to art and comic book covers are no exception. Thanks to a lot of drinking and looking at comic book covers over the last few years in my Drunk Cover Solicits In Three Sentences or Less feature on my blog I've thought a lot about comic covers over the last few years and what really makes me respond to something, or alternatively turns me off.


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