Handbook for christian living pdf

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handbook for christian living pdf

The Manual of a Christian Knight - Online Library of Liberty

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Learn the Bible in 24 Hours - Hour 1 - Small Groups - Chuck Missler

Discipleship Handbook

Erasmus of Roterdame sendeth greeting to the reverend father in Christ and lord the lord Paul Wolzius, the most religious abbot of the monastery the which is commonly called Hughes court. Albeit, most virtuous father, that the little book, to the which I have given this name or title Enchiridion militis christiani, which many a day ago I made for myself only, and for a certain friend of mine being utterly unlearned, hath begun to mislike and displease me the less, forasmuch as I do see that it is allowed of you and other virtuous and learned men such as you be, of whom as ye are indeed endued with godly learning, and also with learned godliness I know nothing to be approved, but that which is both holy and also clerkly: yet it hath begun well nigh also to please and like me now, when I see Edition: current; Page: [ 2 ] it after that it hath been so oftentimes printed yet still to be desired and greatly called for, as if it were a new work made of late: if so be the printers do not lie to flatter me withal. But again there is another thing which oftentimes grieveth me in my mind, that a certain well learned friend of mine long ago said, very properly and sharply checking me, that there was more holiness seen in the little book than in the whole author and maker thereof. Indeed he spake these words in his jesting bourdyngly, but would to God he had not spoken so truly as he bourded bitterly. And that grieveth me so much the more because the same thing hath chanced to come likewise to pass in him, for the changing of whose manners principally I took upon me this labour and travail, for he also not only hath not withdrawn himself from the court, but is daily much deeper drowned therein than he was aforetime, for what good purpose I cannot tell, but as he confesseth himself with much great misery.

Learn Biblical and Spiritual answers to many topics concerning Christians today. Larry Ollison tackles many topics including: abundance, faith, authority, healing, finances, prayer, salvation, words, right thinking, relationships, maturity, love, grace, forgiveness, fear, attitude, worry and many more. This handbook is a discipleship manual that is practical, realistic and personal, in addition to being doctrinally sound. It provides daily inspiration, guidance, encouragement, comfort, and reassurance. Each section in the book is short enough so that you, as a busy reader, will have time to think about each lesson, which will nurture your spirit.

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