Epic fantasy books for adults

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epic fantasy books for adults

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Whether you're a Swords and Sorcery type of fantasy reader, a fan of battles and betrayal, or you just want a few more goddamn elves in your life, there's something for you here. These are the truly great fantasy series written in the last 50 years. RIYL: really big swords, sorcery, and massive battle sequences. If you enjoy the HBO show, you owe it to yourself to read the books. Just be prepared for this thing to start real tight and end up sprawling.
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But the 21st century has been a particularly fruitful time of fantasy literature, with J. Many readers have worked their way back from movies like the Lord of the Rings franchise or TV series like Game of Thrones to their fantasy novel origins, seeking out new authors after devouring J. Storm Front by Jim Butcher Jim Butcher layers fantasy elements on top of hardboiled mysteries, following magician-for-hire and Chicago P.

Popular Adult Epic Fantasy Books

Look, I love Game of Thrones as much as the next nerd. I am all about dragons, zombies, and dragon-zombies. But A Song of Ice and Fire is not the only fantasy epic out there. There are many other complex, beautiful, and pulse-pounding series of fantasy books in the world—and some of them even stray from the medieval-Europe-but-with-magic formula. If you've already read every book by George R. Martin, or if you're just looking for some magic that doesn't revolve around a handful of moody Stark kids, then check out one of these other excellent high fantasy epics.

Epic fantasy is arguably the father of all fantasy subgenres.
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Also, one of the beauties of such a well-defined genre is in interrogating and upending its conventions. Even the format itself is a mischievous twist on the norm — as the book exists diegetically in the fantasy world itself. In other words, the novel we read is also a story within the book, presented as a true account of events. Jenn is a bold new voice in fantasy fiction, and not just because of her ambitious storytelling or the shamelessly tough way she treats her poor protagonists! Discover the A Chorus of Dragons series here.

For some reason, everyone is talking today about how important it is to nail the ending of an epic fantasy series. Certainly there are plenty of books and series that end on a satisfying note—like the 15 listed here. Add to Bag. The Broken Earth trilogy , by N. Jemisin N. Jemisin stands with the most important working SFF writers for many reasons, not the least of which because her work displays a perfect combination of ambition and ability. All three books in the Broken Earth trilogy won the Hugo Award for Best Novel, and the finale, The Stone Sky , stands as one of the most satisfying endings in fantasy history.

It's a great time to be a fantasy reader. There is an incredible amount of solid fiction out there. Unfortunately, the latest "hot release" lists contain a lot of junk. Even worse is that it is not always fair to judge a book before you've read it from cover to cover, which means you have to invest some serious time that rarely pans out. We created this site to help you find the best fantasy books out there, while avoiding the stuff that has a tendency to give fantasy a bad name.

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