White or cream paper for book

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white or cream paper for book

White paper vs cream, etc.

Cream hat, cream paper for historical novelist Helen Hollick. As self-published authors, we may be thankful for the creative freedom allowed by our independent status — but should we also use that freedom to depart from conventional publishing production standards? Historical novelist Helen Hollick thinks not. A debate about the choice of paper colour triggered this heartfelt plea for conformity. Janis proof-reads the reviews that are written for the indie historical fiction that is submitted to me for the HNS. She is also a talented author in her own right watch out for her forthcoming first novel in a series The Book Ark , director of Wilton End Publishing, and runs a superb new blog for indie writers. As HNS Indie Review Managing Editor, I am striving to improve the quality of indie-written historical fiction, and I maintain that for authors to be taken seriously they have to produce professional quality books.
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Choosing the Right Book Paper for Your Book Printing

Is it because they cost the same? But are you using KDP Print? I don't know that it even offers cream paper. With a mass market edition, which has a smaller trim, most readers are accustomed to white. It used to be that cream was used for novels and white paper for things like cookery books but a lot of novelists now use white paper as sometimes the cream looks dirty and cheap looking. I've looked through books I could have gone on, but the pattern was clear, I was also looking for other typographical patterns, I'm not crazy : fiction and poetry from traditional publishers cream paper, for

Cream paper is a neat and costless way to bulk up a short book (under Here's a scan of the same page printed with cream and white.
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What’s the most popular book paper for color interiors?

You have your author picture done, written your author bio, your blurb, your copyright page, your acknowledgments, your dedication. - American Appetites, from the University of Arkansas Press, printed black on lb. Second in place is our lb.

I don't want my independently published novel all text, no pictures or other graphics looking amateurish compared to more well-established authors. No, there is no industry standard regarding this. Some like cream for fiction, as it looks more "literary. Others like it. It's all a matter of personal choice. If your book looks amateurish, it won't be because of paper choice; it will be for the usual reasons -- a cover that does not look professionally designed, sloppy formatting and poor writing.

Aug 07, PM. I just received the 1st proof copy of my novel, The Last Overseer and It's in white paper. The paper is thinner than the pulpy cream paper, and looks crisper, but I wonder if it actually makes the book look cheaper. IF anything, the grotty looking cream paper should make it look cheaper! So what do you guys prefer?


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  1. In CS I found the book cost calculator but I can't find information on the different prices for white and cream paper. Is it because they cost the.

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