Fahrenheit 451 book with match for sale

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fahrenheit 451 book with match for sale

A Heat Sensitive Edition of 'Fahrenheit ' That Can Only Be Read by Applying Fire to the Pages

By Maitreyi Mantha. The prototype , unveiled in October , was designed to showcase a unique, charcoal-based heat-activated ink which becomes visible when warm, and fades away once the pages cool down. The technology is the brainchild of researchers at the Netherlands-based Jan van Eyck Academie, which is well-known for its experiments in materials and media. For those unfamiliar with the dystopian book, Fahrenheit tells the story of a future America in which reading is banned, and books outlawed, to suppress dissenting ideas. Firefighters, assigned to eradicate any books found, are instructed to set them on fire at night, for maximum effect. The title is a reference to the approximate temperature at which books burn. This is not the first time designers have come up with unique editions of the novel.
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Fahrenheit 451 - "We must burn the books, Montag. All the books". (1966) HD 1080p

A Heat Sensitive Edition of ‘Fahrenheit 451’ That Can Only Be Read by Applying Fire to the Pages

Published by The Limited Editions Club Seller Rating:. Condition: Good. Limited Editions Club. Hardcover with slipcase. Bound in aluminum and signed by both the author and the illustrator.

Fahrenheit 451

One of my favourite books of all time. What must have seemed like pure science fiction when it was written is not so far from the truth today. Instead of firemen burning books, we're downloading them into obvlivion! I first selected this book when recommended by a friend, i got home and as soon as i opened the first page i was hit by such amazing words and descriptions that I had to read the first few pages over and over it was Firefighters roles have changed, they are no longer charged to putting out fires but starting them. Their sole mission is to burn every book. As a booklover, this really upsets me.

Check it out:. Designer Elizabeth Perez created the book for The Austin Creative Department , and the cover is striking for several reasons. On her website , Perez explains her thinking behind the design:. Fahrenheit is a novel about a dystopian future where books are outlawed and firemen burn any house that contains them. The story is about suppressing ideas, and about how television destroys interest in reading literature. I wanted to spread the book-burning message to the book itself. Date: Sep 9, Category: Sci-Fi.

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