Mystery books for 2nd graders

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mystery books for 2nd graders

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Is your child an unmotivated reader? Does your child read just what is required of them? Are you hoping to inspire your child to read more? This post contains affiliate links. Towards the beginning of the school year, I noticed that the books my 2nd grader was checking out from the library were within his reading level, but barely. He was checking out very easy read books. After about the fifth Clifford book, I decided to intervene.
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2nd grade Mystery

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Favorite Beginning Chapter Books & Series {2nd and 3rd grade}

From Agatha Christie to Elizabeth Sims, from cozy whodunits to spine-chilling thrillers, books that keep us guessing until the very last page, hold our attention and keep us up late at night. Kids love mysteries, too. And guess what? There are lots of them out there — toned down for the younger audience, of course — but just as mesmerizing and addicting. They come with real reading benefits, as well. This makes them ideal for starting a discussion about important story elements such as setting or characterization. Since dialog has a way of rolling naturally off our tongues, reading it — especially out loud — can help kids practice their reading fluency.

I love me a good mystery. But long before Agatha Christie and Alan Bradley filled my bookshelves, I was a kid enraptured by spies named Harriet and kids living in boxcars. Mystery books for kids are great because they foster logical thinking and deductive reasoning. Classics like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys still have a healthy readership, but the genre has come a long way. There are so many fantastic mystery series and standalone works out there by a diverse mix of authors and illustrators. The list spans everything from cake theft capers in picture books to art heist novels for middle grade readers. This process was a tricky one!

Here is a list of chapter books for second grade to help you decide which books might be a good fit for your children. Remember to choose something that sparks their interest that will keep them turning the pages! Check out our list of chapter books for first grade here. If you have a struggling reader feel free to use this list as read-a-louds until your child feels comfortable enough to read them on their own. Invisible Inkling: Follow the story of a boy named Hank who makes friends with an invisible not imaginary friend!


This list of early chapter book mysteries and detective stories is designed for young readers transitioning from easy reader books to longer novels. In general, they are appropriate for children ages , although some 5 year olds who are early learners will enjoy reading these titles, as well. Because the average age of learning to read is seven, reading levels vary widely in this age group but the material is all age appropriate, even if the level of the book is not right for your particular child. Mysteries are an excellent choice for children who may be struggling because the story has built in suspense. In addition, many of the early chapter book mysteries I included are quite humorous, or have tongue-in-cheek humor inspired by classic hard-boiled detective novels.

Often, my kids will stop me halfway through a book to tell me their hypothesis yes, they use that word and make predictions about the rest of the story. Mysteries get kids to think differently and pay attention to details they might not otherwise notice. A cake thief is on the loose! Using deductive reasoning and subtraction, Detective Duck follows the clues to discover the identity of the cake thief. At the back of the book, there is a short section about the methods Duck uses to solve the mystery. Nate the Great, the protagonist of this highly entertaining series, takes solving mysteries very seriously.


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  1. In about the second grade, kids typically are ready to start reading chapter books themselves.

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