Words for praising a book

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words for praising a book

The Best Compliment An Author Can Receive | Books by Sarah Robinson

Words of Passion. Her questions, her edits, and her suggestions helped to bring out the best of my book, and she accomplished this while allowing my character's distinct voice to come through. I have had many compliments on the finished book's appearance as well. I highly recommend Nanette. You are helping me move forward and get unstuck so much more quickly than I imagined possible—it's like you are guiding me through my own mind in a way and it is very exciting to experience. It's incredible so far.
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Kimba Winter, Aspiring author waiting for my first book to be edited “Your poetry is so powerful, you put into words exactly what I struggle to convey. Helpful criticism can be better than praise — helpful as in your criticism makes sense, you.

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Last week, I offered a list of synonyms for the word criticize. Acclaim : To applaud or praise; also a noun referring to the action of applause or cheering. See flatter below. Applaud : To express approval in general, as well as to clap hands or otherwise praise nonverbally. Cite : To formally call attention to for praise. Commemorate : To observe a ceremony of remembrance, or to provide a memorial. Compliment : To communicate respect or admiration for someone to that person or another.

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We all know authors can insult one another with aplomb, but do those bitter wordsmiths ever have anything nice to say? Well, yes, of course. In the excellent collection Object Lessons: The Paris Review Presents the Art of the Short Story , which hit shelves last week, 20 famous writers choose and introduce the short stories from the periodical that moved and thrilled them. And thank God for that. He and the Russian man share a rapturous love of words, a quick and delicate wit, and a lyrical elegance that makes every single sentence silly with pleasure. Anyone who lives to read gorgeous writing will want to lick this book and sleep with it between their legs.

Danny Penman have created a program of simple daily practices that anyone struggling with pain and stress can follow. You Are Not Your Pain is a powerful testament to the ways mindfulness and meditation can help us tap into our own resilience, even in the most painful times. The authors have clearly learned a lot both from their personal experiences and their clinical work. A wonderful support for the many people who face the challenge of pain. This compassionate program shows how to meet pain and reduce suffering, soften around it rather than freeze in fear, drop despair, and reclaim a full, rich life. A deeply valuable contribution. The authors have distilled mindfulness down to simple, core concepts and practices that are accessible to anyone.

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  1. 'A beautiful and compassionate book, Mindfulness for Health will put you back in touch with the extraordinary person you already are,' Professor Mark Williams.

  2. what is the exact word used to describe the page where praise of that book, by some experts are written? like- "This book is pages of.

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