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a road to nowhere book

Road to Nowhere by Christopher Pike | Scholastic

This book is about a question that bothers no one in India: Why preserve wild animals despite the danger they pose to human life and property? While the whole world is conserving wildlife as a natural resource to support national economies, India preserves dangerous animals just for the heck of it. While the world feeds millions and makes billions from wildlife, an impoverished India says we want none of it. As a result, both, the animals and people, are just struggling to survive. When he found an answer, that wildlife can be the backbone of the rural economy, rather than just being a menace, he found himself pitted against his own Government and peers. Here he bares his heart about how the Indian conservation paradigm is, surprisingly, neither rooted in its cultural and religious traditions, nor has any vision for the future.
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Book review: Road To Nowhere by Evan Shapiro

Road to Nowhere

Christopher Pike is a bestselling author of young adult novels. He is also the author of several adult novels, including Sati and The Season of Passage. Thirst and Alosha are slated to be released as feature films. Pike currently lives in Santa Barbara, where it is rumored he never leaves his house. But he can be found online at Facebook. By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Must redeem within 90 days.

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Meg Ellison’s Road to Nowhere series

In his savvy sophomore suspense novel, former indie bookseller Robertson The Heir uses multiple points of view to set up a seemingly innocuous story line—the proposal to build a road—that will keep readers glued. Board members are dying and nothing is what it seems on the surface. Self-interest threatens to override the common good, and what is truth and what is perceived to be truth become nebulous. Robertson creates some of the most engaging characters and relationships encountered in faith fiction: Joe is a genuine sage, and other characters are no less captivating. Although the rapid-fire point of view changes are reminiscent of a novice stick-shift driver and threaten whiplashlike confusion early on , once readers get the rhythm they will be compelled along.

By Kate Hudson Books April 18, Which, yeah, sure, I guess sometimes it rains here. Anyway, our heroine, year-old Teresa Chafey, is in a bit of a jam, and needs to get out of town, fast. So, she does whatever any teen running away from home in the middle of the night does, she picks up two hitchhikers to pass the time. I mean, standard teen stuff, right? Stine book and not a Christopher Pike book.

He encourages us to rethink with a more discerning eye our own predisposition to embrace progress, by eruditely reminding us of its complexities—and costs. Slaboch provides an original and erudite study of an eclectic and generally neglected group of thinkers, Neglected in part, according to Slaboch, because of their unorthodox antipathy towards the belief in 'progress,' or 'the belief that humans are capable of making lasting improvements—intellectual and scientific, material, moral, and cultural. Mahoney, Assumption College. Its strength and the source of its originality is Matthew Slaboch's comparative approach across German, Russian, and American cultural contexts and his articulate and straightforward synthesis of the material. The belief that humans are capable of making lasting improvements—intellectual, scientific, material, moral, and cultural—continues to be a commonplace of our age. However, events of the preceding century, including but not limited to two world wars, conflicts in Korea and Vietnam, the spread of communism across Eastern Europe and parts of Asia, violent nationalism in the Balkans, and genocides in Cambodia and Rwanda, have called into question this faith in the continued advancement of humankind.

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