Piece of cake book summary

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piece of cake book summary

Book Review: A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown | The Good Drugs Guide Blog

Do you think it would have helped either of them later in life? Why or why not? Discuss the adult figures Cupcake had in her life while she was growing up—Daddy, Jr. Burns, Diane Dobson. With these role models, could she have found a better way out of her situation than turning to drugs and alcohol? How did she make the leap from applying this thought to material items and food to less concrete realities like love and acceptance? Do you think Cupcake would have changed her ways earlier if she had been able to complete her first pregnancy?
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Thank you! Harrowing, earnest autobiography takes readers on a tour from incomprehensible evil through unexpected kindness to eventual triumph.


The book describes her descent into teenage prostitution and drug addiction. Although doubt has been cast as to the veracity of events described in memoir, Brown maintains that the events in the book are real. The story begins in January when the female protagonist gives a short account of why her mother named her Cupcake Brown. Brown's mother died in , when Brown was age Since her biological father only acquired custody because he wanted to receive social security cheques, she and her brother were placed in an abusive stranger's foster home, along with several other children. Their foster mother, Diane, forced them to clean her entire house every day and physically abused them if she wasn't satisfied. Diane's biological daughter, Connie, is also portrayed as sadistic, reportedly deriving pleasure from tormenting Brown and the other children who resided in the foster home.

Cupcake Brown has led an extraordinary life. If you were to read about her current life, you would never believe that she went through horrific things as a young child. Before the age of 20, Cupcake Brown had been beaten, sexually abused and raped. She engaged in prostitution and gangbanging and became a homeless drug addict and alcoholic. Cupcake made a conscious choice to better herself and her life and eventually put herself through law school and became a lawyer for a large law firm. Her memoir, A Piece of Cake , is the story of how Cupcake overcame some of the worst things imaginable in order to become more successful than anyone ever imagined she would be.

Cupcake Brown that's her real name was 11 in when her mother died. Custody of Brown and her brother was given to a stranger—their birth father—who only wanted their social security checks. He then left them with an abusive foster mother who encouraged her nephew to rape Brown repeatedly. Brown got better and better at running away. A prostitute taught her to drink, smoke marijuana and charge for sex.


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  1. This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. It should be A Piece of Cake: A Memoir is an autobiography by Cupcake Brown. The book describes her descent into teenage prostitution and drug addiction. Although doubt has been.

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