Top 100 most disturbing books

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top 100 most disturbing books

Top 10 Most Disturbing Novels - Listverse

You must walk at or over 4 mph, or you are killed by gunshot after 2 warnings. The race ends when one boy is left. You get tired and hungry, and your feet are in pain. You keep walking. Eventually you get very tired and hungry, and your feet are in the worst pain they have ever been. You keep walking because you are strong.
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Top 10 Most Disturbing Books

Don't Read It With the Lights Off: The 100 Most Disturbing Novels Ever Written Per Goodreads

However, there are two books especially that warrant a revision and you will find them listed below. All of these books in some way made me grimace and shiver with repulsion and I found each of them difficult to shake weeks after I finished reading them. If you want to continue adding to this list, please feel free to do so in the comments!!! Why it disturbed me : This was a tough one to finish and I nearly threw it down in complete revulsion more than once. Yet, there was also something so compelling about the story that kept me riveted and turning the pages to get to the end…no matter how much it cost me.

While we often discuss lovely, life-affirming quotes and sweetly memorable scenes in books, reader slovenia46 recently suggested we talked about the grim. What is yours? The shock factor makes even worse the impact of a painfully slow and thorough account of the murder of a Japanese soldier in Mongolia during the second Sino-Japanese war, told in one of the flashbacks that abound in the book. To this day, I find it difficult to think of that novel without getting the chills. Two words: Little People.

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Not everyone has the stomach for disturbing literature, but there is such a large amount of writing in the genre that everyone should give it at least one try. This list will help to introduce you to the darker side of novels — the disturbing, macabre, and oftentimes downright sick. The only rule to this list is that the book must be a work of fiction. If you think something has been left off the list, be sure to tell us in the comments. Anyone who has read this book will appreciate its inclusion here; if for no other reason than the axe scene in which the protagonist chops off one of his feet with an axe — this is the hobbling scene in the movie. That scene aside, the pages upon pages of descriptions of the pain suffered by the bedridden main character, coupled with the psychological torment as he tries to move through the house unnoticed, make this a much deserved entry.

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