Imam abu hanifa bangla book

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imam abu hanifa bangla book

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In turn, the other great Imams had the benefit of the legacy of Imam Abu Haneefa when they took on the monumental task of codifying Fiqh. His ancestry is generally accepted as being of non-Arab origin as suggested by the etymology of the names of his grandfather Zuta and great-grandfather Mah. However the author of al-Khairat al-Hisan collected information from books of biographies and cited the names of the Sahaba whom it is reported that the Imam has transmitted hadith from. He counted them as sixteen of the Sahaba. Imam Abu Haneefa was one of the greatest of the mujtahideen. He was also a great city planner, responsible for the planning of the city of Baghdad when it was founded by the Caliph al Mansur in CE.
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Bangla ইমাম আবু হানিফা (রাহঃ) IMAM ABU HANIFA (R.)

About of these books have been published so far.

Chapter 34: Abu Hanifah and Abu Yusuf

It was under the circumstances explained at the close of the preceding chapter that Abu Hanifah appeared on the scene and began his work. He himself was a victim of the persecution of ibn Hubairah, the last Umayyad governor. His grandfather, Zuta according to some, the pronunciation is Zauta , came to Kufah as a prisoner of war, accepted Islam, and settled there under the friendly protection of Banu Taim Allah. According to a report coming from Abu Hanifah, he owned a bakery there. His student, Zufar bin al-Hudhail , reported that his master told him that at first he took such an interest in theology that people would lift their fingers towards him.

Name, birth and ancestry

As one of the earliest works written on the subject and as one of the surviving works of the Great Imam of jurisprudence and theology, Imam Abu Hanifa, the text has been widely studied around the Muslim world for centuries. A number of commentaries have been written on this concise work by renowned scholars of Islam such as Mulla Ali al-Qari and Abul-Muntaha al-Maghnisawi, and it is quoted and referred to frequently in the works of scholars. AI-Fiqh aI-Akbar. Do you like this post? Share It!! All rights reserved.

He also gave very little opportunity to others to rectify his wrong impressions. I also wondered how one could indulge in such slander of an individual who met and narrated from several Companions of the Prophet may Allah be pleased with them , and that also at such a sacred time and place. To add salt to my wounds, the Al Kauthar instructor also insisted that Imam Abu Hanifah apparently only knew seventeen hadiths! La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah. I will, insha-Allah, deal with this issue in a subsequent translation. All praise is for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and salat wa salam on the noblest of messengers and the seal of the prophets Sayyiduna and Mawlana Muhammad, the unlettered and noble prophet, and upon his family and companions, all of them. These people, even though they were very few in previous times, were refuted by the imams of hadith and Sunnah and the great notable individuals of this science in every age and place.

It was published by Islamic Foundation Bangladesh. It is written by Rejaul Karim Islamabadi. Now it is the translation of the arabic in Bengali Language. This book is written by Imam Ibn Kathir. It is in bengali language. Though it is so small but the biography of Nabi is explained very beautifully.

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