Richard bolitho books in chronological order

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richard bolitho books in chronological order

Richard Bolitho - Book Series In Order

The following Richard and Adam Bolitho novels by Alexander Kent are listed in historical chronological order. Cover images and descriptions are from the dustwrappers of British hardcover first editions. In October Richard Bolitho waits at Portsmouth to join the Gorgon , a seventy-four gun ship of the line. England is at peace with her old enemies, France and Spain, but the growing menace of piracy across the trade routes, worsened by rich and brutal trade of slavery between Africa and the Americas, make sea travel no less perilous. From the captain down to the midshipmen it becomes evident that their new enemy is as dangerous and as skilful as any who fights in the line of battle.
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Alexander Kent First Editions

The Bolitho novels are a series of nautical war novels written by Douglas Reeman using the pseudonym Alexander Kent. Richard Bolitho is a fictional Royal Navy officer who is the main character in a series of novels written by Douglas Reeman using the pseudonym Alexander Kent. Bolitho was born in in Falmouth, Cornwall , in Great Britain, the second son of a prestigious naval family. He joined the navy in He served in the wars against France and the United States.

Chronological Order of Richard Bolitho Books

Richard Bolitho Series. Series of nautical fiction novels set during the late 18th century in the Royal Navy by Douglas Reeman writing under the pseudonym Alexander Kent. The central character is Richard Bolitho, and, later, his nephew, Adam. In Chronological Order. Book 1. Richard Bolitho — Midshipman by Alexander Kent.


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  1. Richard Bolitho is the main character of a series of novels written by Douglas Reeman, focused around the military career of this particular individual in the Royal Navy.

  2. Introduction: Another good series, dating further back to the time of the American War of Independence.

  3. Richard Bolitho is the central character in a series of historial naval adventure novels by British novelist Alexander Kent Douglas Reeman.

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