Wd my book live flashing green light

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wd my book live flashing green light

Constantly blinking green light - My Book Live Duo - WD Community

Tried to log onto it in different ways, cant find it on the the network. Also tried a different computer, same problem. Did you power cycle the drive, turn it off and back on? Turning it off and on was the first thing I tried. Tried it several times. Pulled the plug, wait for 15 sec, boot it up again.
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Published 15.01.2019

Western Digital My Book Live Disassembly

Setup: MyBookLive 2TB wired via a DLink FastEthernet Switch to a WRTG router (hard wire connection). Running the latest firmware.

Running the latest firmware. Problem : With Ethernet cable connected, the Green light flashes constantly. With the Ethernet cable disconnected the Yellow light flashes constantly. The data on the hard drive is inaccessible to any computer on the local network. Failed Solution 3: Reset the HD using the reset switch on the back of the unit and immediately powering down, pausing and then powering up the unit.

Turn it off for several hours to allow the drive and electroncs to cool down. Apart from that, contact Western Digital support.
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Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Results 1 to 9 of 9. August 15th, 1. This green light means that there's some activity on the drive, but I'm not accessing it. So I'd like to know what's going on with it. How can I find out? Question Everything.

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  1. i have a a 2Tb my book live and it was working well for 2 weeks,and just a day ago my PS3 wouldn't find it, and then it was not appearing on my.

  2. Out of nowhere, the device has been flashing a steady green light for the past 24hours. No files have been added to the device, and I have.

  3. Out of nowhere, the device has been flashing a steady green light for the past 24hours.

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