Simple pop up book tutorial

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simple pop up book tutorial

How to Make Pop up Cards | TinkerLab

Today I am going to show you an exciting way to make story writing more fun for kids. Pop-up books are a brilliant for making stories literally pop off the page and bring them to life. Follow my easy pop-up book tutorial and you will be able to make a pop-up book within hours! What you will need: 1. A4 papers or cards 2.
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Popup Tutorial 1 - Basic pop up craft -Pop up card - SS Craft Mantra

We want to inspire the young creators and authors in our children! Erica created a wonderful list of pop-up books; check out a few below and then visit her site for more! I love collaborations because we get to see what other creative kids can do with an idea!

How to make a simple pop-up book.

Anybody can learn how to make pop-up cards by following a pattern. This tutorial will teach you how to understand pop-up cards so you can design your own. Would-be paper engineers have many craft book options to choose from, and though I have a few of them in my library, I find it much more helpful to learn by making — so my first piece of advice is to download a few of my pop-up cards, make them, and then come back to read the rest of this tutorial. Though you can protect your table by cutting over old newspapers, this will preserve the life of your blades and ensure your cuts are smooth. Use the finer tip for scoring. Fold lines must always be straight, so always use a ruler! When making a pop-up card all folds must be straight lines.

Print article. Have your child write a story or use a story he has already written to transfer to this pop-up book. You can also have your child write sentences to describe the pictures he creates on the pages. Younger children can make one pop-up page and write a word or a sentence to describe the pop-up image. You can make the pop-up pages ahead of time or have your child make them with your guidance. Add more than one tab to the page to have more illustrations pop out!

Super easy pop-up book tutorial for kids! Follow these 10 steps and you will have a pop-up book within hours. Pop-up books can bring your.
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Basic Shape #2

This week, I worked in the altered book of local mixed-media group member Mary. The simple tabbed method I use to create them can be adapted to just about any image that can be folded. First, I put the background in. Since the text pages were glaringly new and modern, they needed a little toning, which I did with a couple of glazes. Over the French text, I applied some little Eiffel Tower blueprint images, and the title, all of which were created on my computer and printed on good paper, then glued in place with a glue stick.

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