Pre intermediate level reading books

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pre intermediate level reading books

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There is no better way to learn than reading a good book or, mostly, any book in English because while you read, you forget that you are doing it to learn a new language. Reading in English is more important than you think. Whether you are a reader interested in enjoying a good book or someone who wants to learn this language, there will always be a book for you. The key is to have patience and choose the right English books, have a dictionary at hand preferably not electronic to avoid distractions and be ready to open your mind to great literary adventures. Reading novels in English will improve your vocabulary, general understanding and in some cases, it can expand your knowledge about different countries and cultures. To be sure that you are reading a book according to your level, teachers recommend starting to reading and identifying the number of words you do not understand. If you discover that there are less than 5 unknown words, that is your level.
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Learn English Through Story • Subtitles: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho ( Level 7 )

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June 1, - Priscila Pereira 4 Comments. I really appreciate the comments because it is very important for me to know if you are enjoying the posts, ok? You can also watch my video about reading in English. Reading can be very effective if you do it the right way:. But anyways, we all want to speak better, become fluent, improve our pronunciation and be understood by others.

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This grammar book is designed for learners of English at pre intermediate level. English grammar structures are presented through functional examples and attractive photographs and illustrations. A variety of exercises help students use correct, appropriate patterns in everyday situations. This grammar book at pre intermediate level offers students clear simple explanations and examples, a variety of stimulating exercises, lively illustrations, revision sections within each unit and progress tests. A full-colour supplementary course, which develops reading and writing skills at beginner level.

Books have a preferred writing style that makes comprehension easy for readers who have mastered a certain level of fluency in reading a language. This page lists various reading fluency levels that may be required to read certain books here on Wikibooks. Wikipedia has related information at Readability. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. This page contains useful information about the Wikibooks project. While this is not a listing of rules or policies, it contains information about an important Wikibooks process, custom etc.

These short illustrated stories for learners of Italian are a pleasure to read, with helpful footnotes to explain more difficult vocabulary. Each chapter is followed by a page or two of comprehension, Read More The brainchild of a small Danish publishing house in the darkest years of the Second World War, the series now comprises mor Compelling and original crime-fiction for learners of Italian.

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  1. English learners of any age can enjoy and learn from reading, whatever their language level, as each series is graded to different levels.

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