Soviet books in bengali pdf

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soviet books in bengali pdf

Books from the Soviet Era | Mir Books

Browsing Soviet-era books in Golpark. Photo Credit: Anuradha Sengupta. Ceiling fans easily dating back a hundred years keep the high-walled Manisha Granthalaya cool on a humid day in Kolkata. Tucked away in a narrow by-lane off College Street, you have to weave a zigzag trail around pushcarts, stacks of books, scooters and a multitude of people to get here. Some of the books look a bit worse for wear because they have been here for more than 25 years, the last batch to arrive from Raduga Publishers in Moscow after the Soviet Union was dissolved in The bookstore was established on May 18, , by the Communist Party of India. After the dissolution, a faction of the party wanted to stay tuned to communist news from around the world.
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A ticket to samovar country: A blog has archived Russian children’s books in translation

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One of the fondest memories that I have from my travels in Kerala, besides the endless hours of gazing into the sea and relishing the delicious Malabari Biryani is meeting people with names that I have only read in my political science textbook. There has been a strong presence of communist ideas in Kerala and it is the first state in world where a Communist ministry came to power through election. But these ideals do not rest in the sphere of politics and the name game alone but also find themselves strongly rooted in Soviet literature that has long been translated, read and discussed widely by Keralites. However, once the publication and distribution of books ceased to exist after the fall of USSR, they were no longer available in the state. Started in by Sajid Latheef , an Assistant English Professor and writer from Mallapuram Kerala, the group serves as a platform where people can share their nostalgic memories about these books.

Mir Publications is a name known to most Indians associated with excellent books in almost all subjects of interest, but especially in science and mathematics. Many people who I know, confess that the science and mathematics that they have understood, they owe to Mir Publications. The fascination that these books left me with in my childhood has is unforgettable. When I say Mir later, what is meant is the books published by ensemble of these publishers from the Soviet era. Russian books, rather books English published in the Soviet Russia, have had an unforgettable impression on my life. The joy that these books have provided to me over the years is immeasurable. Not only these books were cheap, they were also published in many Indian languages: Hindi, Marathi and Bengali and Tamil I know for sure.

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