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interactive books for adults online

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When many of the early, expensive-to-develop examples flopped on the App Store, the hype ebbed away. Here are 10 of the best examples from recent years, which notably have strong writing as well as digital innovation at their hearts. The idea is that you follow the characters through the narrative, choosing different perspectives as it suits you — complete with a map to help you get your bearings. Midway between a Choose Your Own Adventure book and a text-adventure game, it suits longer sittings or shorter, mobile-friendly sessions. Not to mention checking out the other excellent book-apps by its developer Inkle.
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Get in on the action with our interactive stories! A great way to practice reading, our online stories make learning exciting for early elementary grade levels. Packed with beautiful illustrations, our interactive stories blend entertainment and education in one attractive package. Read them for reading practice Next, you can try our educational songs. Not an Education. Create an Account.

So you're a kid and you're on your way to visit your uncle, when suddenly you find yourself trapped in a mysterious, time-traveling cave. Or abducted by aliens. Or headed directly for the bottom of the sea. If any of this sounds familiar, you probably read those Choose Your Own Adventure books back in the day and you almost definitely cheated by keeping your thumb between the pages, just in case you made the wrong choice. Those books were a big part of our childhoods.

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Add to Bag. MAZE , by Christopher Manson When MAZE was published in , Manson offered a prize for the first reader who came up with the correct solution to the puzzle it creates; no one ever officially won, though it has since been solved, at least., Share This:. Sometimes it pays to be sneaky—or creative!

Our application allows users to read and collaboratively write Infinite Stories. They are otherwise known as branching, choose-your-own-adventure, CYOA or text adventures — all collectively known as interactive fiction wiki. You can also use our tool to create very finite interactive workflows, menu prototypes and image adventures. We offer many unique features such as writing clans, image uploads, private stories, submission review, private messaging and room linking. Create an account or login to create your own stories.

You currently have JavaScript disabled in your web browser, please enable JavaScript to view our website as intended. Here are the instructions of how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Here you can find lots of lovely interactive books to read online or watch with signing. And that's not all: below, we also have free, fun kids' games to enjoy online. Whether you want some number games, puzzle games, colouring or the Shape Game, you'll find lots of interactive activities to try.


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