Best books to read for law students

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best books to read for law students

Best Books for Pre-law Students - Summer Reading Before You Start Law School - LawSchooli

Read about it. But how do you know what to read? Good question. In fact, a lot of the texts suggested below are fiction books. The list will focus on books that I hope will show you what the law is all about, without making your brain hurt.
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Books to Read Before Law School

We decided to gather a list of such books on the law which will introduce you to landmark Supreme Court decisions or give you food for thought about interesting legal twists in a downtown novel. Check below 12 best books for law students:. This textbook is a guide to thinking lawyers to understand law and thinking processes behind it.

Recommended Reading

There is a murder, of course, and Lady Dedlock is suspected. But lawyers are not attracted to Bleak House for the whodunit. Jarndyce, an estate case that drags from generation to generation until the money runs out. Dickens hits a nerve in his classic description of the underlying cynicism that too often drives litigation. An interesting aside? Dickens based Jarndyce v.


Reread it as exams approach. It provides a critical first step to thinking like a lawyer. Read this book in part because it will show you how little you know now, and give you a bar to see how far you come after your 1L year. Rather than devoting yourself to following the book in all its details, I would read the book more to get an idea of what you should do. As you actually start law school, be flexible and seek lots of advice until you find an approach that works for you.

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  1. Courtesy of John Althouse Cohen on flickr As a professor of law, I am naturally biased in favor of my profession.

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