Best books for campaign managers

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best books for campaign managers

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Skip to content. Skip to navigation. Coming soon. This companion guide to Politics the Wellstone Way, the best-selling introduction to political action, features the in-depth knowledge that campaigns need to take energy and engagement to the next level—getting elected. Winning Your Election the Wellstone Way provides a refreshing look at how to run an election in a grassroots people-powered way—just as the great Senator Paul Wellstone did—and win. As the presidential race dominates political discussion and media coverage worldwide, thousands of lesser-known local contests are being hard-fought in our neighborhoods, cities, and states.
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Inside Elections: A Look Into Campaign Management and Advertising

Oct 30, The Campaign Manager: Running and Winning Local Elections by Even with all the best minds and loads of cash, campaigns can be weird.

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Booths showcased the wares of campaign-literature printers, data-acquisition specialists, automated-phone-call vendors, online-fund-raising experts, and social-media-analytics firms. But all was not well at the Pollies. It was almost too perfect a metaphor: Despite all the money pouring into political consulting, a palpable sense of unease looms over the profession. On the Republican side, the most expensive and professional presidential campaigns proved remarkably ineffective. And then there was Donald Trump, whose smash success in the Republican primaries was an emperor-has-no-clothes moment for political consulting if ever there was one. Trump spent the primaries boasting about his lack of a super pac or traditional fund-raising operation.

Parscale eventually assumed broader responsibilities beyond digital advertising during the last election cycle, but his elevation to the role of campaign manager suggests team Trump believes the political battles of the future will be won and lost online. They'll also start early. President Obama did not announce his re-election campaign until April of President Trump, by contrast, filed his paperwork to the Federal Election Commission the day of his inauguration. Parscale is one of the few people to have worked alongside Trump since the earliest days of his primary campaign in

What is Political Campaign Software? Capterra is free for users because vendors pay us when they receive web traffic and sales opportunities. Capterra directories list all vendors—not just those that pay us—so that you can make the best-informed purchase decision possible. NationBuilder is the world's most used software for politics. Launch your campaign, get out the vote, and win your election all using one intuitive system. This includes a fully-integrated website and voter database, powerful field tools, streamlined fundraising, and advanced email and texting. Increase the operational efficiency of your campaign by leveraging a system that builds dynamic supporter profiles that update with every interaction.

These books, organizations, and companies will give you everything you need.

A summer lull in campaign action means extra time to gear up for the electoral battles ahead of this fall, in , and beyond. As Democrats across the country deliberate party priorities and the best ways to communicate our values after a series of losses, you can sit back and do the same with these porch reads.

About CCPS. Kerwin Hall. Back to top. For over thirty years, the Campaign Management Institute CMI has offered a nationally recognized program designed to train individuals for participation in local, state and federal political campaigns. Developed and taught by strategists from the Republican and Democratic parties, national campaign consultants and political scientists, this intensive two-week program serves as a valuable foundation for political activists and campaign managers. Directed by Dr. Candice J.

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