Best books to become a billionaire

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best books to become a billionaire

Top Billionaires Favorite Books - We Study Billionaires

AP Images If there's one habit most super-successful people share, it's this: They read. A lot. Many of them have shared the books that helped shape them personally and professionally. If you want to emulate these titans of industry, reading their faves seems like a good place to start. From classic literature to business management guides, w e rounded up their top picks, so you can start stocking your shelves.
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10 Books BILLIONAIRES Recommend ๐Ÿ“š

25 books by billionaires that will teach you how to run the world

Imagine sitting down and having a conversation with an ultra-successful self-made billionaire like Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban or Oprah Winfrey. What could you learn if you spent an afternoon with Richard Branson or Bill Gates? Can you imagine all the interesting tidbits or helpful advice they might give you? The personalities mentioned above have all lived very different lives but have found their own path to achieve their ambitions. Meeting these people in person is probably beyond reach for most of us, but thanks to the power of reading, we have access to these amazing innovators and groundbreakers. Many billionaires have written books detailing their lives and the lessons learned as they built their fortunes. Here are 11 fascinating and insightful books written by billionaires that you should read if you hope to follow in their footsteps.

Billionaire reading List

Knowledge is power. Bill Gates Foundation Whether you want to launch an empire or become the best in your field, who better to consult than those who have achieved the peak of professional and financial success? That's why we've rounded up 25 books by self-made billionaires. Although Branson confesses he's never read a book on leadership, his nearly year entrepreneurial career has taught him a thing or two about building a business. In "The Virgin Way," the billionaire founder of Virgin Group offers lessons on management and entrepreneurialism , including the importance of listening to others and hiring the right people. Branson is honest about his successes as well as his failures, such as underestimating Coke's influence when he tried to launch Virgin Cola in the s.

Learn how to think like the smartest and wealthiest people in the world. Click on the image of the billionaire to see the list of their favorite books. This book is a guide to the mindset of a successful stock investor. It can be difficult to read for first time investors due to fancy finanical terminology. This book is the text-book that Warren Buffett used in college when he studied under Benjamin Graham. In fact, the intelligent investor was a spin-off of the ideas found in this larger text. This book is the legacy of a great thinker and an investor who took on the most difficult aspects of investing and quantified them.

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