Top 10 best selling comic books

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top 10 best selling comic books

9 Best Selling Comic Series Of All Time‏

This page provides lists of best-selling comic book series to date. It includes Japanese manga , American comic books , and European comics. The series are listed according to the highest sales estimates as reported in reliable sources. There are three separate lists, for three different comic book publication formats: collected comic book volumes, periodical single-issue floppy comics , and comic magazines. This list is for comics printed in a traditional book format paperback or hardcover , typically with a similar number of pages as novels.
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The Proof is in the Numbers: Manga Outsells Comics

9 Best Selling Comic Series Of All Time‏

Every few months, it seems, some strapping young lad slaps on the spandex and appears as a new iteration of Batman or Spider-Man or one of the many, many Avengers. Over the years, the comics have been known for glorifying immoral behavior like robbery and bullying, though recently there has been a push to change this message. And for more immoral hilarity in text form, check out these 30 Funniest Celebrity Books. Year released: stopped printing in Copies sold: 1 billion. The comics are most distinguishable for their colorful and detailed covers. This fictional superhero was created first with this series.

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Top 5 Best Selling Comic Books

These nine best-selling comic books of all time have fought off all the haters and landed themselves into this list. Check it out below! Number Nine: The Phantom. The Phantom , created by Lee Falk in , has sold over million copies worldwide. It first appeared as a daily comic strip and continues to be published today.

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  1. This page provides lists of best-selling comic book series to date. It includes Japanese manga, .. "DRAGON BALL" jump best scene TOP 10 (Shueisha Mook) (in Japanese). Shueisha. ISBN Images from the book stating

  2. But we've done the best we could with the 10 best selling comics that of naming the “best-selling comics ever” is good and edifying reading.

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