Best books on innovation management

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best books on innovation management

Innovation Management:

Skip to main content. Innovation Management. In Stock. It will be to your advantage to make sure you check the availability on the type of device you are interested in. It is worth to make the effort to read from the PC or from the paper copy, for that matter , the book is highly rated by scholars in strategy.
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Peter Drucker Audiobook

And yet, most products fail to make it past the first couple of years. Why do great new ideas fail?

8 of the best books on innovation

Practical Innovation Management. No Highfalutin Theories! Are you looking for information on how to implement or improve the innovation management process at your organization? Instead, you should manage innovation as a systematic process to bring ideas to life. There are a lot I mean, a LOT! But most of them focus on theory and concepts.

Have a browse of our list and let us know your favourites. Vicki is an Executive Director at Nesta, responsible for the foundation's grant making function. Geoff Mulgan has been Chief Executive of Nesta since Nesta is the UK's innovation foundation and runs a wide range of activities in investment, practical innovation and research. Juan leads a team of data scientists, developers, visualisers and innovation experts who use new datasets, analytics methods and visualisation tools to inform innovation policy.

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Among the happy discoveries that followed the publication of the book was the realization that the second largest group of buyers after B2B founders was innovation consultants and intrapreneurs. Not only did they buy the book, they also found a lot of value in the content. Innovation and entrepreneurship often go hand-in-hand in large organizations: To build or to buy is a question innovation managers constantly need to answer. Businesses need to decide which innovation projects to fund. To help assess innovation projects, I have put together a list of the 9 best books on innovation:. Diffusion of Innovations — Everett M. One of the most important early innovation books, and the only book about farming on this list.

Drucker exploring innovation as a discipline, W. Innovation and personal development books. One of the most fundamental categories of innovation literature focuses on developing personal innovation skills. Considered the father of modern management thinking, Peter F. This book was one of the first to analyze innovation and entrepreneurship as purposeful disciplines capable of being studied like any other systems. In this text, Drucker outlines ideas and concepts that are now so ingrained in our thinking about innovation and entrepreneurship that they seem obvious. His central thesis is that rather than being an innate talent or natural ability, the capacity for innovation can be studied, learned, and improved.

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