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Skip to main content Chess Endgame. In Stock. Add to cart. Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual. Aspiring NM, I think the book is dense and well done. Endgame is my favorite phase to play, but least favorite to study. Dvoretsky is more successful in this book at capturing my interest than any other endgame book so far.
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The greatest endgame expert of our time - GM + Dr. Karsten Mueller

Now, it has been known that apart from tactics the next best thing to improve upon as an amateur [sub player] is the endgame.

Best Chess Endgame books

Please turn on javascript in your browser to play chess. Log In. Only Chess Forum. Public Forums Search Recommended. Hello everybody. Looking for a little advice. I believe my next chess purchase will be an endgame book.

Chess endgame literature refers to books and magazines about chess endgames. A bibliography of endgame books is below. Using computers, Ken Thompson , Eugene Nalimov , and others have contributed by constructing endgame tablebases. Some endgame books are general works about many different kinds of endgames whereas others are limited to specific endgames such as rook endgames or pawnless endgames. Most books are one volume of varying size , but there are large multi-volume works. Most books cover endgames in which the proper course of action see list of chess terms Optimal play has been analyzed in detail. However, an increasing number of books are about endgame strategy, where exact analysis is not currently possible, due to the presence of more pieces.

Now, it has been known that apart from tactics the next best thing to improve upon as an amateur [sub player] is the endgame. But of course, there have been truckload of books teaching endgames from practical standpoint to theoretical one.
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Our personal opinion is that books are the best source for endgame study and that the alternative sources are not that efficient as compared to the opening or middle game study:. Additionaly, many people, myself included, consider endgames tedious and boring, and never bother to study them properly. However, I think that investing some time in the endgames will well repay the study. I think that reading just a single book from this list will significantly improve your understanding of the endgames. The book is intended as a textbook. As a player progresses in his chess strength, he can progress through the material in book as well, gradually learning and deepening his understanding and strength. One can hardly go wrong with choosing this classic, although a word of caution is required.

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