Best ap euro prep book

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best ap euro prep book

AP European History - Best AP Review Books

College Board provides free example test questions, so click here if you want to check them out. This textbook is one of the only ones in the market that are available that is tailored specifically to the AP European History exam. This textbook recounts specific nations and the differences between them, a comparative analysis of these inter-country events and how the world was shaped by European culture and conquest. If you are a serious student looking to score a perfect 5 on the exam, then A History of Europe in the Modern World is the perfect textbook for you. It has two full practice AP exams in addition to questions at the end of each chapter so you can figure out what your weaknesses are without having to take the entire practice exam. There is a lot of information that you need to know for the AP European History exam, but it is possible to start self-studying a month before the exam and get a 5.
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The Best AP European History Review Books in 2019

Each section is divided into two parts. The most important thing you can do , truthfully, is to get a good textbook for your AP exam. For example, if you have gone through your textbook, then as your test day draws closer, you may want a review book to keep the information lucid in your short-term memory. The best part about prep books? But this app really pays you playing new games with cash rewards. Download Mistplay for Free android only.

Last Updated: Wednesday, Aug 14, AP European History is equivalent to a 2 semester introductory college level course covering the history of Europe from approximately to present. Students will use the same skills, practices, and methods as actual historians to connect 6 broad themes which connect historical developments in different times and places. There are no formal requirements for AP European History, but students should be able to read and write at the college level. AP European History is a great way to get a jump start on required history courses or general education credits for motivated students. Starting college soon? Did you know you can qualify for a free 6 month trial of Amazon Prime Student?

The AP European history exam is sometimes considered to be one of the most difficult exams to studying for in AP curriculum. Although the subject matter is accessible and straightforward, the difficulty of the subject is due to the amount of information you are expected to memorize to get a passing mark.
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AP European History Exam Breakdown

Best AP World Prep Book: Princeton vs Barron's

Buy this book on Amazon. This an an excellent study guide for the AP Euro exam. I self-studied for the exam this year and can say with confidence that the Princeton Review AP Euro series contains a tremendous amount of AP Euro content and strategies. In order to study for the exam, I watched YouTube videos, did questions on Learnorator, and read two review books. This strategy was extremely effective; I was confident answering almost every question on the test. If you are aiming for less than what I wanted, lower than a 4 or 5, this book alone will most likely earn you it.

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