Best customer service books ever

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best customer service books ever

The 27 Best Customer Service Books

The primary sections on how best to handle people, earn their trust, and eventually win them over are filled with no-nonsense, evergreen tips that apply in virtually every customer-facing interaction. The Effortless Experience takes a slightly different, but no less constructive, tack and homes in on some uncomfortable truths about typical customer behavior. The key insight unveiled is that while lofty hymns to customer happiness go down a storm in the boardroom, real-world customers are much more interested in being faced with as little hassle as possible. Modern businesses are inherently complex, and there are plenty of opportunities for error in even the simplest procedures. The Checklist Manifesto tackles these challenges head-on with insights taken from high-stakes fields such as medicine, architecture, and aviation, where the consequences of failure are that much higher. The book lays out a process-driven approach to delivering satisfaction every time that holds huge lessons for anyone working at the sharp end of customer support.
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The Seven Secrets of Exceptional Customer Service - VTIC Presentation by Carrie Gendreau

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Insider Inc. Warren Buffett — arguably the most skilled investor of our time — said reading pages a day was the key to success, because, "That's how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. This is likely why so many important businessmen and women make reading a daily part of their lives. It's why Bill Gates reads 50 books every year roughly one a week and Mark Zuckerberg kicked off with the goal of reading one every other week.

We selected a list of 52 of the best business books we ever read : award winning stories of business titans and fallen angels, breakthrough innovations, wealth, bankruptcy, innovation and failure. As communication professionals, we add value by understanding the strategic challenges of our clients. We can only understand those if we understand the business model of our clients. This reading list will help any communication professional working for business clients to have a broad understanding of topics like the importance of vision and mission, innovation and disruption, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, working with boards and C-level, management issues, supply chain, growth and change. Jacob Fugger was the banker of Renaissance Europe, funding monarchies all over the continent and - crucially - managing to get paid back.

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We evaluate the books on customer service based on sales rank, reviews and endorsement by leading business leaders and show you the best customer service books. Finding the Best Customer Service Books When we talk about customer service, people will usually think about the hotel and tourism business or banking business where products are less physically or tangible. However, the customer service and customer experience books will say that service is actually a lifeline of any business and it usually goes beyond customer satisfaction surveys. For example,. Because the products have similar features and can be substituted by-products from other companies easily.

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  1. The top 27 customer service books about providing better customer service and is not writing about those “wow” stories of service that go ever-so-briefly viral.

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