Best books on king solomon

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best books on king solomon

1 Kings The rise and fall of King Solomon - James Hughes | The Good Book Company

Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon are not studied very much today. A few verses are known from Proverbs. They often take verses out of context to try to prove their false doctrines. Because the Song of Solomon has sexual references in it, many are embarrassed by it. He expects us to study them Romans King Solomon, the son of David and Bathsheba, is the writer of these books. Some believe Solomon wrote the Song of Solomon in his youth, the books of Proverbs in his middle age, and the book of Ecclesiastes when he was old.
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The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon edited by Joseph Peterson - Esoteric Book Review

Actually the best book about the life of Solomon is the one that bears his name, the Song of Solomon. Contrary to common belief, this book tells of his Achilles.

1 Kings 1-11: The rise and fall of King Solomon

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By Philip Graham Ryken. King Solomon had all the fame and fortune that any man could want. And yet, tragically, he threw it all away for the love of money, the pleasures of sex, and the powers of an earthly kingdom. In studying the life of Solomon, we see both the true greatness and the tragic failure of our own humanity—from godly devotion to self-serving excess. Even in the midst of our best intentions, we are all prone to succumb to the same temptations of money, sex, and power. Ryken has published more than 50 books, including When Trouble Comes and expository commentaries on Exodus, Ecclesiastes, and Jeremiah.

He is described as the fourth king of the United Monarchy , which would break apart into the northern Kingdom of Israel and the southern Kingdom of Judah shortly after his death. Following the split, his patrilineal descendants ruled over Judah alone. According to the Talmud , Solomon is one of the 48 prophets. The Hebrew Bible credits him as the builder of the First Temple in Jerusalem, [4] beginning in the fourth year of his reign, using the vast wealth he and his father had accumulated. He dedicated the temple to Yahweh , the God of Israel. His sins included idolatry , marrying foreign women and, ultimately, turning away from Yahweh, and they led to the kingdom's being torn in two during the reign of his son Rehoboam. Solomon is the subject of many other later references and legends, most notably in the 1st-century apocryphal work known as the Testament of Solomon.

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He was a great soul, who came to this material world to define the true justice to Mankind through the attribute of divine wisdom. The Great King Solomon became famous upon this planet earth for his great contribution to the understanding of divine magic, and as the absolute controller of the most notable 72 demonic hierarchical groups collectively known as Jinns or Genies, each of those groups operating in its full power by taking control upon this earth in a rotational basis every one earth year in an energy cycle of 72 years, as during these 72 years the Solar Sun appeared to be moving one degree in the celestial heavens from one zodiacal constellation to another due to the precession of Equinox. King Solomon was the first person ordained by almighty God with divine esoteric wisdom, which enabled him to understand the deep secrets of this Tetra energy relationship of the vital conscious energies, which are geometrically depicted throughout the cosmic ethereal space from the macro to micro levels, forming an enclosed 90 degree angular vital energy channels, which thus creates a geometrical form of a vital conscious energy square, thus embodying the vital conscious essences, having four differentiated spherical existences starting from its 1st state of spirit conscious energy to its first densification as cosmic gaseous matter, then cosmic liquid matter, and then cosmic solid matter all resonating and vibrating in their own different frequencies from the very highest to the very lowest and thus existing with or without a visible form in this formed energy square of vital ethereal consciousness. Already it has existed for ages, which were before us. There is no remembrance of earlier things; and also of the later things which will occur. There will be for them no remembrance among those who will come later still. He has also set eternity in their heart, yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end.



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