Best selling books on supply chain management

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best selling books on supply chain management

Our top 10 book list on Supply Chain Management — Argusi

In this article, we identify books praised by supply chain management professionals at all levels we call the 10 best supply chain management books of all time. Finding the Best Supply Chain Management Books We've found that most recommendations for on the web are based on just personal opinion. In the publishing industry, Nielsen BookScan is the most widely used database for a book ranking method. In short, Nielsen provides the point of sales data from various retail outlets and gross sales quantity will be summarized. Anyway, the access to this database costs an arm and a leg. Therefore, the challenge to establish the ranking method is to find a more economical data source and the unbiased metrics.
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Best books on Supply Chain Management

The Best Digital Transformation Books in Supply Chain & Procurement

Our previous list top 15 on Big data and analytics was based on just personal opinion. In this contribution little bit more of a systematic approach. In addition we took the liberty to add 5 books on supply chain management taken from our personal list of favorites. So a little bit of both. Based on these metrics Ben ranked the 10 greatest supply chain management books of all time.

SCiWeek is delighted to host best-selling author and award-winning chief information officer, Michael Hugos across all three days of the event. We are also pleased to announce that we are able to offer our attendees a personalised copy of the newest edition of his book, Essentials of Supply Chain Management in our onsite book signing. The fourth edition has been updated to reflect the current state of the field, with coverage of the latest technologies and new case studies that illustrate critical concepts in action. Organised for easy navigation and ease-of-use, this invaluable guide also serves as a quick reference for managers in the field seeking tips and techniques for maximising efficiency and turning the supply chain into a source of competitive advantage. Michael has spent several decades in that space where information technology, supply chains and business overlap. His company SCM Globe www.

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While some people once dismissed digital transformation as a meaningless buzzword, over the last two decades we've seen the incredible results that can be achieved when businesses put old thinking to the side and embrace the possibilities that modern solutions offer. Government departments, NGOs, and businesses of all sizes are finding that digital transformation can provide improved efficiency, reduced costs, and create a happier workforce. With modern businesses becoming more complex than ever, and so much of our work lives being carried out online, it's imperative that companies move away from traditional pen-and-paper systems in favor of digital methods - the digital imperative is real. The biggest selling point of digital transformation is that it doesn't just offer one singular benefit, but a wide range of improvements that can assist in many different processes. Like it or not, digital transformation is the future of business and any organization which chooses not to embrace it will be quickly surpassed by their competition.

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Keep reading to see them. There are hundreds of lists online that claim to be able to tell you what the best logistics and supply chain books are. What makes this different? I actually used this list. When I started in logistics, I realized that I knew nothing. While she really only focuses on ocean shipping, she drives home the economies of scale and the role that gigantic container ships play in driving global commerce.

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  1. In this article, we identify books praised by supply chain management professionals at all levels we call the 10 best supply chain management books of all time.

  2. Retailers can learn a lot from the Amazon supply chain strategy — especially with the company preparing to launching its own delivery network , a la Fedex and UPS.

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