Best personal development books 2018

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best personal development books 2018

20 Of The Best Self-Help Books to Kickstart Your Goals

Taking that all into consideration, what are the best self-help books of all time? Which books rise above the cultures and time periods they came from to represent the best of the best in terms of evergreen life lessons and timeless wisdom? So, why is a fiction book on a self-help book list? To put it simply, the way it was written by author Paulo Coelho was unlike anything of its kind at the time. Check out The Alchemist here. On the other side, though, there runs an incredibly important undertone that forms the real power of the book and the prime takeaway: living with fairness and integrity is the path to maximum efficiency and success.
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Best Self-Improvement Books – 7 Best Self-Help Books

20 Of The Best 2018 Self-Help Books to Kickstart Your 2019 Goals

In fact, it is probably better that you not try to make significant life changes at the start of a new year. Instead, try to make small incremental changes throughout the year when there is less pressure to do so. This is where self-help books shine. Self-help books can help guide you as you seek to make changes to your day-to-day life while giving you the freedom to make those changes at your own pace. If you are ready to start making changes, here are 25 of the best self-help books that you need to read!

Better your life with these must-reads

Many consider Eckhart Tolle one of the great thought leaders our time. The reason "A New Earth" makes this list is quite simple: it goes beyond teaching how to live in the moment and helps readers learn how to turn their suffering into peace. All types of suffering are addressed in the book, from anger and grief to jealousy and anxiety. Tolle talks a lot about the ego and how to separate ourselves from it. His examples and recommended exercises are not just hocus pocus; they really work and are something anyone can do. This book is great as a reference point, too.

The conventional notion of what makes a CEO is wrong. For example, a degree from an elite university is not required. In fact, only 7 percent of CEOs receive an Ivy League education, while 8 percent do not graduate from college at all. Elena L. Botelho and Kim R. Powell, consultants at ghSmart, a consulting firm in Chicago, explode this and other executive myths. Their insights result from the CEO Genome Project, a year analysis of 17, executives and 13, hours of interviews.

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