Best translated books of all time

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best translated books of all time

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Rey Rosa is capable of exploring the aftermath of crime and the philosophical ramifications of the modern age, but in this short novel he opts to tell a different kind of tale, abounding with restlessness and compulsion. The narrator becomes obsessed with the title character, a young woman with a penchant for stealing from the bookstore he owns. His discovery of her motives sets in motion a series of interconnected musings on the nature of storytelling, truth, and fiction itself. Mujila focuses on two old friends, Lucien and Requiem, who find their loyalty tested by their own ambitions and the often nefarious characters around them. Set in a run-down Seoul neighborhood with an uncertain future, it deals with dilemmas of urban-class structure that feel universal, even as the setting feels quite specific. As the central characters puzzle over their hesitant relationship, a series of mysterious events involve shadows that behave bizarrely, accumulating a kind of weight and density. Grotesque body horror — women setting themselves on fire, a girl yanking out her fingernails sorry!
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Sarah Good and the Salem Witch Trials, Part Two

The 20 Best Books in Translation You've Never Read

Translation has always been a sensitive business. Translation can incite controversy — but it can also incite much worse, as in Tudor England where unauthorised translation could prove grounds for a hanging. Still, in spite of the troubles and terrors it occasionally kindles, translation has become a foundation of literature in a modern globalised world. Translated fiction has especially enjoyed something of a rebirth among English readers in recent years, thanks in part to the efforts of publishers capitalising on the popularity of contemporary writers like Stieg Larsson, Haruki Murakami and Karl Ove Knausgaard. The books collected here, all published within the last year, showcase some of this contemporary talent alongside some fresh translations of older and grander writers like Franz Kafka and Alexander Pushkin.

A Library Of Libros: 6 Books To Learn Spanish\

Chad W. Post, director of Open Letter Books , which specializes in great books in translation , as well as the Web Site Three Percent , gives us the benefit of his years of working with world literature--he's narrowed his best books in translation list to In part because I find it fascinating to learn about other parts of the world, but mostly because there are so many incredibly good works in translation available to English readers. So instead, we chose 20 of our favorite translations from around the world. Dale Saunders Vintage. Imagine a Japanese Samuel Beckett. But weirder.

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