Best books to read young adults 2017

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best books to read young adults 2017

28 Of The Best YA Books Released In That You’ll Want To Read Immediately

American Panda by Gloria Chao. Now a freshman at MIT, she is on track to fulfill the rest of this predetermined future: become a doctor, marry a preapproved Taiwanese Ivy Leaguer, produce a litter of babies. But when Mei reconnects with her brother, Xing, who is estranged from the family for dating the wrong woman, Mei starts to wonder if all the secrets are truly worth it. Can she find a way to be herself, whoever that is, before her web of lies unravels? Description: Penny loves her small-town Florida life, and she has her future mapped out. But when she unexpectedly lands a scholarship to a prestigious summer theater camp, she is thrust into a world of competition and self-doubt. And suddenly, her future gets a little hazy.
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Trust the Hype: Popular YA I Love!

Introducing a piece on some of the best young adult books coming out in is a delightful challenge: There's no overarching trend, no genre eclipsing all.

World Book Day: 10 YA books to read right now

Please refresh the page and retry. Y oung Adult books have never been more popular. The best YA books, as this list attests, can evoke our own teenage experiences and anxieties often lurking much closer than we think and prompt conversations about everything from mental illness to social injustice. They can offer exciting fantasy worlds, or, conversely, give readers insights into cultures and experiences dramatically different from their own. Funny, poignant and heartbreakingly real, It Only Happens in the Movies is a partly about falling in love and getting swept away despite yourself, and brilliantly captures what this can feel like. Think of the latter half of Days of Summer, after the dreamy build-up — and with a somewhat more sceptical main character.

There is truly something for everyone this year, whether that reader enjoys things quirky and magical, extra-real real, wild, or world-building. The books, they keep on coming, and these 17 are just the beginning of what promises to make an exciting year for YA lovers. Divergent author Veronica Roth is back with a new series, this time set in another galaxy, instead of a dystopic Chicago. This murder mystery set in Kenya follows Tina, a girl who fled the Congo only to now suspect the wealthy and powerful Kenyan family that employed her mother as a maid may have also been responsible for her death. Living on the streets with revenge on her mind, Tina makes her way back into the world of the esteemed and criminal Greyhills that, needless to say, is both dangerous and gripping. She hits all the right notes again in We Are Okay , about Marin, who fled her old life in California for college in New York without a single word to anyone who knew her… including her best friend Mabel. This quiet novel about grief and loss and escaping sadness is perfect for readers who prefer big feels to big action.

The Goodreads Choice Awards have three rounds of voting open to all registered Goodreads members. Winners will be announced December 04, Voting opens to 15 official nominees, and write-in votes can be placed for any eligible book see eligibility below.
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Jennifer Mathieu created a playbook for a new generation of teen feminists. Starr Carter, 16, is the only witness in the fatal police shooting of her unarmed friend, Khalil. Buy it on Amazon. Silvera broke out in with More Happy Than Not , about a teen grieving the loss of his father. In his latest, he tackles grief once more. So when Theo suddenly dies, Griffin is left with a new vision for his future. She launches an anonymous zine, Moxie , which soon catches and starts a feminist rebellion at school.

Find new young adult fiction to read this autumn! From fantasy stories to page-turning mystery reads, these books are recommended for any age. Discover more fall essentials from all your favorite genres. Two sisters are torn apart by war and must fight their way back to each other in a futuristic, Black Panther-inspired Nigeria. Buy now from your favorite retailer:.

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