Best horror thriller books 2016

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best horror thriller books 2016

The 50 Best Horror Novels of All Time - Paste

If there were room to list every horror book released this year, we could easily just do that. While Jones has a gift for the grisly imagery and body horror werewolf mythology requires that section about pantyhose haunts me to this day , the real heart of the novel is the way he builds on werewolf tropes as a metaphor for those who live as outsiders, and explores the dynamic of a displaced people chafing under a set of rules and expectations that are not their own. Belcher With his dark horror-fantasy, Belcher takes the secret history of America and its roadways, adds numerous urban legends, conspiracy theories, and even some of the darker bits of American history, points it towards the reader, and opens the throttle. Add to Bag. The result is a perfect roadmap for where to start getting into dark fiction, with entries to suit just about any taste. The novel works as an excellent character study of Sparks, a music journalist-turned experiential writer whose last book finds him biting off a bit more than he can chew.
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Getting Started with Horror Fiction: 5 Scary Books You Have to Read

The 25 Best Horror Novels Of The New Millennium

Horror is a peculiar genre. And what is scary? What might shock one reader is laughable to another. Ghosts, serial killers, great heaving monsters, the loss of self-control, plagues, impossible physics and a creepy clown all figure into our countdown, with entries spanning from the s to the last few years. One obvious author makes five! And while we kept an eye on the diversity of our featured authors, the inclusion of women, authors of color and queer creators came naturally as we gathered the best of the best. Without further ado, we present our choices for the best horror novels of all time.

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And with legendary scribes including Stephen King , Clive Barker, Shirley Jackson and Richard Matheson casting their immense shadows, throwing out such a wide net often results in passing over more recent gems in favor of time-tested standards. With that in mind, Paste is proud to present our picks for the 21 best horror novels of the 21st century, just in time for Halloween reading. Share Tweet Submit Pin. Abby and Gretchen are best friends for life on the eve of the first Bush presidency…until Gretchen gets lost in the woods and comes back different. Detroit-based author Josh Malerman manifests an apocalypse of the obscured in Bird Box , in which undiscovered entities start appearing around the world and just one glance of their grotesquery drives people to suicide. This modern day Alice In Wonderland starts out quite charming, with the precocious Coraline Jones and her parents moving into a mansion full of quirky flat-mates and a talking cat.

Ah, Here are the scariest books of From the apocalyptic vision of Joe Hill, to the uncanny world of Mr. In major cities across the U. Now Harper, a compassionate nurse, has become infected herself. Aided by The Fireman, Harper finds temporary sanctuary in a commune of infected hiding in an abandoned summer camp.

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