Best books to read on a plane

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best books to read on a plane

Holiday Reads: Best Books To Read On A Flight

TODAY does have affiliate relationships with various online retailers. So, while every product is independently selected, if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the revenue. Instead of watching six movies in a row, curling up with a good book can be an enriching way to make the hours fly by. But what's the perfect book to bring along that's worth those precious extra ounces in your carry-on? About to go on a 14 hour flight this weekend. Need good book. Not too heady, but not a beach read either.
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What to Read on the Plane: Books for Long Flights

Call me old-fashioned, but I cannot travel without bringing a book along. Sometimes this book is literally old—I brought a vintage edition of The Grapes of Wrath with me on a flight earlier this year—and sometimes it's simply familiar. I've read it a dozen times, but there's something about imagining those Midwesterners partying in a West Egg mansion that's uniquely satisfying when boats are beating against the current just out of view. Books have always created separate worlds, and that escape can be even more enticing when we step away from our own. I knew the team at Girls at Library would understand, and that's why I asked them to share the titles they like to take along while traveling, too.

Got a flight coming up? Pick up one of these books that are great for travel. Pass up high-stress genres like serial-killer thrillers—or worse, books that involve plane crashes—and grab one of these nine stress-free books to read on an airplane instead. This novel, which revolves around an Indian-American family, begins with a wedding and the return of an absent son. Leave extra room in your carry-on luggage for all love this book has to offer. At the same time, she fails to see the charming man right in front of her.

There are few places left where you can sit back and enjoy a good book without the distractions of modern life but, thankfully, flying at 35, feet still offers an escape where you can lose yourself in a novel. With the help of our friends at loveholidays , we've rounded up the best books to read on the flight to and from your holiday destination, with reading suggestions based on your flight time. Browse our top holiday reads to enjoy on a plane
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How to Read on the Plane

Airplane travel ranks high on the list of "major stressors," but it also comes with a unique perk: You finally have the free time to read! The best plane books are preferably short, generally uplifting, and compulsively readable—something that everyone, no matter who they are, can really sink their teeth into over the course of their journey. Pick one up, and you won't even notice the lack of snacks or that the crew forgot to restock the Bombay Sapphire shooters. Since losing his wife, Mr. Malik has found comfort in Rose Mbikwa, a widow who understands his grief but also helps him move past it. And after years of participating in her bird walks, his platonic affection has veered into romantic territory.

This great topic was suggested by Raluca from UpsideDownTravels. Most of us don't take long before we start fumbling with the entertainment system - nothing else better to do, is there? What a complete waste of time, I say! Why not books? I say.

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  1. I surveyed the staff at SmarterTravel and its sister sites to find out their all-time favorite books to read on a plane. They came back with.

  2. When it comes to long international flights, you can never have too many entertainment options.

  3. No one loves a long flight, but with a little foresight it can prove to be the perfect opportunity to discover a new favorite read.

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