Best western books of all time

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best western books of all time

The Best Western Novels from The Western Writers of America | The Bookman's Page

I really need to get over such silliness. But there are also a bevy of other outstanding works of Western fiction that deserve a place on your shelf. So here I am getting over my strange peccadillo. Or, at least, half of it. I offer a list of my favorite Western novels that are off the beaten track. Some of them are by authors you might know, but fly under the radar even to their fans.
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Top 10 Greatest Novels of All Time

Cowboys aren't much for small talk, so we'll get to the point: Here is our list of the best Western books by category. Feel free to disagree—but if.

25 of the Greatest Western Novels

Clive Sinclair is the author of several novels and short stories, as well as a collection of essays on "the facts of life and the facts of death". To read Clive Sinclair's account of what goes into a good western, click here. In the s a weedy Easterner named Owen Wister had something like a nervous breakdown. Wyoming, with its wide-open spaces and healthy pursuits, was prescribed as a cure. Wister was immediately smitten by the taciturn cowboys and the rules imposed upon them by the cattle barons. Collecting his notes he produced the novel that is the western's sine qua non.

Western novels mixed real-life detail with larger-than-life drama, as all great . Shane is considered by many the best Western novel of all-time.
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2. The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald

We searched long and hard through the treacherous backend roads of the Internet, with the aim of brushing up your knowledge on the best Western novels ever written. Feel free to disagree—but if you do, expect to be challenged to a good ol' Western showdown in the comments below. Locke, chronicles the escape of teenager Tot Lonham through the heart of Texas with the vengeful Boyd family in hot pursuit. Before there were Westerns, there was the Western, a novel called Riders of the Purple Sage , by Zane Grey, that is often credited for truly kick-starting the Western as a genre. It is the story of Jane Withersteen, a Utah rancher whose livelihood is threatened by a proposed marriage she does not want, until a lone cowboy named Lassiter comes to town.

One of the most iconic sagas about the Old West, this Pulitzer Prize-winner follows the adventures of ex-rangers Gus and Call as they go on one last cattle drive. If you only read one Western novel in your life, make it this one. In this classic, full of adventure and romance, famed gunman Lassiter struggles to extract rancher Jane Withersteen from a controlling religious group. One of the first novels of the Western genre, Riders of the Purple Sage popularized the conventions and archetypes of Western literature: vivid landscape imagery, a lone gunman hero, and a clear distinction between good and evil. Their biggest foe was drought. The struggles in this novel are all too real—a dying Western town, an unhelpful government, an unrelenting natural enemy—and Kelton paints so vivid a portrait that you can almost feel the sand in your eyes and the dust in your throat.

January 25, by mjjoleary. On the lists were 83 authors, novels, nonfiction books, 86 films, 64 short stories, 41 television series, and 22 television mini-series. The two precocious horsemen pick up a sidekick—a laughable but deadly marksman named Jimmy Blevins—encounter various adventures on their way south and finally arrive at a paradisiacal hacienda where Cole falls into an ill-fated romance. Half St. Bernard, half shepard, Buck learns many hard lessons as a sled dog: the lesson of the leash, of the cold, of near-starvation and cruelty.

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