What is christies best selling book

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what is christies best selling book

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Agatha Christie wrote from the s through the s. Her books are almost entirely set among the British upper classes, and are commonly termed British cozy mysteries. Christie writes very simple, straightforward prose with a focus on plot and dialogue. They are not procedurals exactly, since they rarely focus on a professional police officer or detective. Even Poirot is a former detective. Instead the clues are compiled from conversations and plot twists. She has two major series and another lesser-known series.
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Agatha Christie: Miss Marple, Where to Start & Favourites

Agatha Christie's impact on literature cannot be overstated. Her writing has inspired many murder mystery plays and many more murder mystery shows over the years.

The top 10 Agatha Christie mysteries

Agatha Christie's impact on literature cannot be overstated. Her books, short stories, and plays are essential to the mystery genre and continue to intrigue readers the world over. Nevertheless, the sheer size of her catalog can be intimidating to first-time readers, or even to third-, fifth- or eighth-time readers—after all, she wrote 66 novels alone. This time, though, her novel opens with a reappearance: An Egyptian father returns to his family, albeit with a new concubine in tow. That concubine part makes a bit more sense when you consider that this novel is set in ancient Egypt. Endless Night marks a bit of a departure from the master's signature style. It was the last book published by Christie before her death in , and rather than shy away from it, the novel tackles aging head on.

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J ohn Curran, a lifelong Christie fan, lives in Dublin. Her unique literary talents have crossed every boundary of age, race, class, geography and education. While she refined the template for a fictional form, the reading of her books became an international pastime. As we celebrate her th birthday these are my highlights of her literary career. But when wealthy Roger Ackroyd is found stabbed in his study, he agrees to investigate. A typical village murder mystery; or so it seems until the last chapter with its stunning revelation.

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