How to make attractive bookmark

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how to make attractive bookmark

25 Different Ways To Make and Create Your Own BookMarks

A bookmark is used as a mark of identification to help readers to return back to the page in a book where they had left reading. With a little thought and creativity you can craft your own bookmark. You can make it from an array of materials such as silver, paper, silk, brass, wood, plastic, leather or any kind of fabric. Some bookmarks are even available with a page-flap to enable readers to clip these onto to the page of a book. You can crochet or knit a bookmark for your friend or for yourself.
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DIY Bookmarks (How To Make Your Own Personalized Bookmark)


Of course a simple piece of paper or store-bought bookmark can do the trick at keeping your place while diving in to one of your favorite, classic reads. These printed quotes are so adorable for a sweet back to school treat or even to freshen up and get excited about your summertime reading list. Create a felt, corner bookmark in a variety of adorable shapes. Use some duct tape to create fun, chic designs. Start with some cardboard or thicker construction paper and then get to work! It not only holds your place but it can also hold the exact line you left off at! Check out these beautiful projects and get a lot more ideas for your DIY project.

Use these 14 bookmark making ideas and designs to teach students how to make bookmarks of their own. Make bookmarks as gifts, for bookmark making competitions, or for simply keeping your place when reading a good book. You can also use glitter, sequins, lace, doilies, buttons, and any other odds and ends you have left over from other projects. Individual-creative book marks! Punch a hole at the top of each strip and attach a yarn tassel. To complete the bookmark, attach a tassel made from strands of yarn. Draw a worm on card-stock paper — large and wide-enough to mark a page well.

As class sizes grow and budgets shrink, I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive ways to celebrate holidays with my students. This year, I may have found the most inexpensive, yet adorable gift yet for Mother's Day: a collection of bookmarks any mom, aunt, or grandmother would cherish. Follow the directions below to make any of these bookmarks for just pennies apiece. They also make great gifts for parent volunteers and even for your students! If you have paperclips and a hot glue gun, all you need is something to glue on top of the paperclip and you have an instant, budget friendly, gift-worthy bookmark. Think about using buttons, colorful gems, flowers, or anything else you might find in bulk at the craft or dollar store. While I let my students pick their toppers and coordinating paperclips, I always keep them far away from the hot glue — a lesson learned years ago, the hard way.

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Email address:. Ask any person who loves to read how they would feel if someone returns a book they borrowed with folds like dog ears in page corners. Recently, this friend of mine gave me a great suggestion. At least that ought to discourage the people borrowing them from ruining the pages with corner folds. But what do you do if there are no bookmarks left? This cute little mustache bookmark is both handy as well as chic. It is simple, only requires a square paper that needs to be folded into a triangular shape, big enough to place it into the corner of the pages of your book, and a mustache template that should be stuck onto the upper part of the triangular bookmark.

Thinking of including a non candy treat in the Easter basked? Or just need a fun crafty activity to do with the kids? This Easter Bunny corner bookmark is a perfect little Easter origami for kids to make. There are so many benefits to doing origami and you can easily get kids excited with simple projects like this one. DIY corner bookmarks are perfect to get them started in the wold of origami as kids can go beyond simple folding and add their personal touch to the project when they decorate them. And there are so many ways you can design and decorate your corner bookmark. These will make a great classroom project, kids can make them for themselves or to give to their parents or other family members.

Show less As a literary creature, do you often find yourself at a loss for the perfect page-saver in your favorite novels? Have no fear, you can make your own bookmark in dozens of styles so you never lose track of your reading again. Learn how to make a paper bookmark, magnetic, beaded, and several more in the directions below. To make a traditional bookmark, cut a piece of cardstock paper to your desired size, for example 2 to 3 inches wide and no more than 6 inches long.

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