How to bookmark a page on iphone

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how to bookmark a page on iphone

How to Make Bookmarks in Safari for iOS: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

When you surf the web on the iPhone or iPod touch using the Safari browser app, it's possible to save links to websites you want to visit again later. Learn how to quickly access URLs for images, videos, web pages, and anything else that can open in the Safari browser for iPhone with bookmarks. The process for adding Safari bookmarks on the iPad is slightly different. The words "bookmarks" and "favorites" are often used interchangeably, but there is a distinction between the two folders in the Safari app on the iPhone and iPod touch. Bookmarks on iPhone or iPod touch appear in a default master folder in Safari where all bookmarked pages are stored.
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Bookmark a Website on iPhone XR - Create Bookmarks in Safari on iPhone

Apple® iPhone® - Add a Browser Bookmark

So you visit these Web pages almost daily on your iPhone 5 and don't want to type everything all over again every time you open your browser. You simply want your browser to remember those pages so that whenever you want to access them, they should be just a click away. Here comes the role of 'Bookmark. If you are in quest of how to add and view bookmarks on iPhone 5 then you you must go straight down to the instructions below. Was this helpful? It won't appear on my home screen?

Like any web browser, you can bookmark web pages you want to return to using Safari on your iPhone. Once bookmarked, you can find these saved pages by tapping the Bookmark button at the bottom of the Safari screen. Start the Safari app and open a web page that you want to bookmark. Tap the Share button the square with an arrow. Use the Add Bookmark button to save bookmarks in Safari on your iPhone. On the Add Bookmark page, you can edit the name of the bookmark and even tweak the URL if necessary — just tap either of those fields and type as needed. If you want to store the bookmark in the default Favorites folder, tap "Save.

In Safari on iPhone, bookmark websites and add them to Favorites to easily revisit later. Bookmark the current page See your Mac bookmarks on iPhone.
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How to add bookmarks to your iPhone home screen

Bookmarks are sites you want to easily return to at any time, while the Reading List are pages that you want to come back to and read later. You can also add some websites and social media accounts to your Shared Links list, which acts like a news feed in Safari. -



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