Transformers identification and price guide pdf

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transformers identification and price guide pdf

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Micromasters is a Transformers subline composed of small figures that came packaged in groups and with bases that interacted with the figures. They were sold at the peak of Galoob 's Micro Machines craze and were packaged in groups of four just like Micro Machines. The Micromaster Combiners sub-line was made with a similar gimmick to rival Matchbox 's Connectables line. In the fiction, the Micromasters were created by the Transformers in response to growing power needs; It was costly and inefficient to continue to create or repair existing Transformers in large bodies. Utilizing technology gained from the Nebulon "master" process, a smaller, more efficient form was constructed. Until this time, small Transformers were limited in intelligence or ability in some way, such as the cassette robots needing a symbiotic relationship with Blaster or Soundwave.
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Transformers: Identification & Price Guide

Log in or Sign up. TFW - The Boards. MWB , Apr 11, Hello, folks -- I'm Mark Bellomo, and I just wanted to post a little blurb here regarding the upcoming release of a new book that I just rec'd an advance copy of In the book as with my Ultimate Guide to G.

Our pricing is open and honest, so what have you got to lose? Note: All prices reflect sales by Transformerland. G1 figure prices are divided by condition type sealed, open package, complete no package , and figure only. Post-G1 sales are shown all together. Bellomo has spent much of his life amassing an impressive collection and depth of knowledge about toys.

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It is chock-full of Transformers toys from through to the end of the line in Page after page of original Transformers are photographed and neatly organized into proper series and sequence. The book presents each toy that is appealing to both the fan and collector. The real market price of classic Transformers toys depend on supply and demand, but the book gives you a nice starting point. Looking for a downloadable pdf version of the Transformers price guide? Please go buy the book and support the writer. This is a fantastic guide.

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