First aid multiple choice questions and answers pdf

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first aid multiple choice questions and answers pdf

St John First Aid Course Questions & Answers | First Aid | Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

D Responsible for preparing medication 2- To prevent circulatory complications after a total hip replacement, the nurse should make sure that the client is: A Turned from side to side every 3 hrs. The nurse should: A Keep the head elevated, give a stimulant of Small sips apply B Apply tourniquet to three extremities rotating one every 15 minutes C Surround the body with worm blanket. D Place the person in the supine position, prevent chilling, and give fluid if possible 6- The nurse is aware that the term bradycardia means: A A grossly irregular heart beat B A heart rate over 90 per minute C Heart rate under 60 per minute D Heartbeat that has regular skipped beats 7- Direct complications of fractures include: A Problems with bone union B Compartment syndrome C Venous thrombosis D Fat embolism 8- The adverse reactions that are not dose related, may cause mild reaction to sever reaction A Side effects B Allergic reactions C Over dosage toxicity D Delayed reaction 2. The special type of ambulance is provided by a charity for the purpose of taking sick children or adults on trips? T F 2 Cardiogenic shock means inability of the heart to pump enough blood to supply all parts of the body.
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first aid multiple choice questions and answers first aid test questions and answers pdf.

St John First Aid Course Questions & Answers

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Injuries are very common and can occur at any point of time in a day. Unintended injuries in kindergarten children are the most common and need immediate life saving care which is known as first aid. This study aimed to investigate knowledge, attitude, practice, and associated factors of first aid among kindergarten teachers of Lideta sub-city Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A cross-sectional study was conducted among kindergarten teachers. Data was collected using pretested, structured and self-administered questionnaire S1 File. The collected data was entered in to Epi Data version 3. Eighty percent of teachers encountered with children in need of first aid.

Youranswer correct :Every12months Question3 Whatisthepurposeofdebriefingafterperformingfirstaid? Youranswer correct :Tolookafterthefirstaider'swelfare Question4 Whendoesthedutyofcarebetweenafirstaiderperformingfirstaidandacasualtycommence? Youranswer correct :Whenyouhavecommencedfirstaid Question5 Whatshouldyouconsiderwhenprovidingfirstaidtopeoplefromvariousculturalbackgrounds? Youranswer correct :Culturalneedsmaymodifythefirstaidmanagement Question6 Whatarethelimitationsofyourroleasafirstaider? Youranswer correct :Remainingwithinthescopeofyourfirstaidtraining Question7 Whencanyoudisclosedetailsaboutacasualty? Youranswer correct :Whenthecasualtygivesconsent Question8 Whatisabodypositionthatmaycauseasphyxia?

The aims of First Aid or the reasons for carrying it out or to be more specific, what the first aider is trying to achieve. They are:. It must be remembered that there is a limit as to the effectiveness that first aid can have, and with the vast majority of casualties even partial recovery from their injuries can be long term. If a casualty reaches further medical aid without his condition becoming worse then the first aider has done his job well. Often at the scene of the accident, the situation is made worse by people rushing in without thinking and this can lead to the unnecessary suffering of casualties and more importantly injury to the first aider. To ensure the efficiency of a first aider at the scene of an accident, the following should always be carried out:. LOOK - For any further danger - at the number of casualties and their injuries For a safe place to treat the casualties.

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