Equations of state and pvt analysis pdf

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equations of state and pvt analysis pdf

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This title covers a wide range of topics related to the Pressure Volume Temperature PVT behavior of complex hydrocarbon systems and documents the ability of Equations of State EOS in modeling their behavior. This book aims to provide the practicing engineer and engineering student with tools needed to solve problems that require a description of the PVT of hydrocarbon systems from their compositions. Because of the dramatic evolution in computational capabilities, petroleum engineers can now study such phenomena as the development of miscibility during gas injection, compositional gradient as a function of depth and the behavior near critical hydrocarbon systems with more sophisticated EOS models. Tarek is currently a Founder of Tarek Ahmed and Associates, Ltd, a consulting firm that specializes in in-house petroleum engineering courses and consulting services worldwide. Ahmed has authored numerous papers and several successful Elsevier books, including Advanced Reservoir Engineering and Reservoir Engineering Handbook, 4th Edition We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.
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Equations of State and PVT Analysis

Petroleum Geoscience ; 7 2 : — Simulation of improved recovery processes from gas condensate and volatile oil reservoirs is significantly affected by the match of experimental PVT data. Therefore, a proper characterization of the mixture composition and tuning of the equation of state used are crucial for the accuracy of the reservoir model. This paper presents an efficient method for phase behaviour matching by non-linear regression. The constraints introduced by the boundaries of the regression variables are eliminated by a suitable change of variables. This leads to an unconstrained optimization problem, solved by an original implementation of the Levenberg—Marquardt algorithm.

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A method for measuring the equilibrium GOR gas—oil ratio of reservoir fluids using microfluidic technology is developed. Live crude oils crude oil with dissolved gas are injected into a long serpentine microchannel at reservoir pressure. The fluid forms a segmented flow as it travels through the channel. Gas and liquid phases are produced from the exit port of the channel that is maintained at atmospheric conditions. The process is analogous to the production of crude oil from a formation.

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